Cheesed-off Coronation Street star hits back at critics of soap’s latest ‘blunder’

Who looks daft now?

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We’ve commented before that it seems the rise of social media has spawned the type of viewer who watches TV purely to pick holes in it.

Or perhaps they were always there and just have a bigger platform than the weekly Points of View to complain/show off to their mates now.

Either way, it must be tedious for researchers, producers and talent to constantly read about holes being picked into what they spend hours making.

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And now some have started to fight back – in hilarious fashion. Social media works both ways, of course!

Coronation Street was recently hit with criticism by fans demanding to know how Billy Mayhew, who has a serious injury and is using crutches, managed to get up the stairs to his flat.

Billy’s upstairs-downstairs antics have baffled some viewers (Credit: ITV)

Accusations of ‘blunder’ sprang up on Twitter and Facebook.

But there was a very simple explanation – Izzy’s dad had installed a stair lift when she lived there…

Corrie quickly cleared this up for puzzled viewers on Twitter last month – but evidently some missed it, because they were still banging on about it after last night’s episodes.

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy, seems a little cheesed-off with being asked about it – and issued an hilarious retort.

He tweeted: “I’m asked this about 100 times a day and Corrie tweeted about this weeks ago. There’s a stair lift from when Izzy lived there. Hope you all sleep better tonight for having that settled.”

Evidently he was in a lively mood last night as he gently chided another viewer who said they were bored of his injury storyline and it was time to move on…

Feisty one, he is!

Billy is going through a really tough time, trying to recover from the painful injury sustained over Christmas when he fell from a cliff.

Billy fell from a cliff (Credit: ITV)

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Vengeful Peter Barlow had kidnapped the terrified vicar and threatened to kill him, before relenting – but Billy almost died after slipping.

Peter’s nephew Adam has launched his own campaign for revenge and is fuelling Billy’s addiction to painkillers.

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