Cheeky contestant on The Chase makes moves on Bradley Walsh!

Presenter has never been so happy to be married already!

The Chase is so-called because the quiz show’s brainbox panel has to try and ‘catch’ contestants by answering more correct questions than them.

But in yesterday’s programme, we saw an entirely different kind of chase as one of the contestants propositioned host Bradley Walsh.

And we’re not sure that the married father-of-two was entirely impressed.

Sue’s comedy impersonation had the studio in stitches (Credit: ITV)

The toe-curling moment began when the contestant, Sue, began explaining that she was a fan of amateur dramatics and had won awards for her performances.

When Walsh, 57, asked her to elaborate, she explained: “I do have a bit of an alter-ego, actually, who I take around variety shows sometimes. Her name is Adelaide Perth.”

Adopting an Aussie accent, she continued: “She’s a bit of a blonde bombshell from a place called Possoms Trott in Australia.”

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As the audience and panel tittered, Sue dropped her bombshell on the unsuspecting presenter.

“She’s on the lookout for husband number five, Bradley, so if you’re not married you’re fair game.”

The host smiled awkwardly back at his contestant before delivering his curt response.

At least the panel found Sue’s proposition amusing (Credit: ITV)

Looking rather sheepish, he grinned at the camera: “Thankfully, I am.”

The Watford-born star has been married to choreographer Donna Derby since 1997, and they have a son together called Barney.

Walsh also has a daughter, Hayley, from a previous relationship.

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But while Sue was out of luck in the romance stakes, she didn’t go home empty-handed.

Revealing that her general knowledge is every bit as good as her acting, she defeated chaser Paul Sinha and took £2,000 back to her teammates.

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