Cheek! The Chase star insults show’s audience in no-holds-barred interview

They're not very clever, apparently...

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Oh dear, the fans of ITV quiz The Chase aren’t going to be happy, as one of the Chasers has branded them stupid.

Well kind of.

In a brand new interview, the stony-faced Paul Sinha said that The Chase is a clever show because it includes questions on all manner of subjects but admitted that he thought “the large part of the Chase fan base is not very clever”.

Paul has sensational said that “the large part of the Chase fan base is not very clever” (credit: ITV)

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Speaking about the quality of current quiz shows such as rival Babushka, he said that viewers liked to be challenged but the questions on other shows don’t tend to put audiences to the test.

“One of my favourite quiz shows is University Challenge and its viewing figures have gone up and up and up,” he told

“The questions on there are really, really difficult. Viewers want to hear those questions, see how they do, have their moment of glory when they know an answer when the contestants don’t.

“But they want to see a contest between four clever people and four clever people. Its an intellectual contest.”

Paul says viewers like to be challenged by tough questions (Credit: GuysLikeU)

When asked if these clever dick questions could scare off those watching at home, he argued: “Believe me, the large part of the Chase fan base is not very clever.

“And yet the Chase is a clever show, it’s not just questions about Justin Bieber. There are questions about the French Revolution, 17th century philosophers, works of literature, works of art.”

He went on to say that he did feel some fans weren’t particularly bright from what he had read online from a small handful of nastier viewers.

“You only have to read The Chase timeline on Twitter everyday to realise,” he said.

“Anyone with any physical imperfections are pilloried, people constantly say that we have got answers wrong or facts wrong and it’s like, ‘No you just didn’t listen to the question properly, the fact is not wrong’.”

Pals says that some “stupid” viewers troll him and the show but he now ignores it (credit: GuysLikeU)

While he admits nasty comments have bothered him in the past, he’s now got his head around it.

“I ignore the trolls now, it’s important to stay sane and realise you cant get anywhere in entertainment without someone not liking what you do.”

Paul says he’s made it clears he’s gay on the show many times but his comments have been edited out (credit: ITV)

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Paul, who supposedly came out on the show after revealing an ex was obsessed with Super Mario Kart, told ED! pal Andy West for that he has been out for years and has had several boyfriends.

“I have been on the show six years and I have made lots of references to being gay. But they mysteriously never made the edit,” he said.

“We have carefully stage managed personas on the show. Maybe they didn’t want it to become a thing.”

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