‘Cheating’ Bianca Gascoigne savages her ex!

There was NO holding back from the CBB star

Who didn’t feel sorry for Bianca Gascoigne’s boyfriend CJ Meeks as Celebrity Big Brother viewers watched her get it on with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara?

Of course we did.

And when the cage fighting hunk revealed his heart had been ripped out, we all just wanted to give him big hug.

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But according to Bianca Gascoigne, all was not as it seemed.

Just hours after leaving the CBB house, Bianca has lashed out at the ‘heartbroken’ man and accused him of lying about their relationship in a bid to make money and find fame.

In an interview with The Sun, the 30-year-old strip club manager denied that she and CJ were living together, admitted that their relationship had been “on and off” for months when she entered the house.

“When I booked Big Brother I was single, me and CJ had been in trouble for a very long time, and on and off since October, we were trying to rekindle things but it wasn’t working out,’ she revealed.

“I didn’t have the heart to break up with him, I should have been strong, and I am sorry for that, but his behaviour shows me that I made the right decision.”

Bianca went on to say she felt that CJ, who she met in December 2015, used her fame to make money while she was in the house and to raise his profile.

“Having the Gascoigne name and finding men who wanted to be with me for me has always been an issue, but CJ said he wasn’t with me for the fame.

“I know he doesn’t have a real job and has to get the cash in somehow, bless him, but to pretend he’s heartbroken to make some money is disgusting and pathetic.”

In case you missed it, CJ revealed in an interview that he was “inconsolable” after the “torture” of having to watch Bianca and Jamie snogging on the show.

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He also said that he was devastated because he had been planning to pop the question and have kids with Bianca, something the CBB finalist strenuously denies.

“We never once discussed marriage and children,” she hit back.

The blonde beauty added: “Anyone who wants to get married and have babies with someone would never behave in the shocking way that he has.

“There were pictures of him carrying a TV which he once brought me as a gift for my flat.”

Bianca, who says she’d like to see Jamie outside of the house, says her relationship with CJ, hit the rocks because he was “jealous” of her dedicating time to her job.

“I work so hard in my job, so had little time for a boyfriend, especially over the Christmas period as we were open more then.

“I don’t think he understood that, it was hard for him and it made him jealous.”

Good riddance!

But do you think Jamie and Bianca will be a strong couple?

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