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Tuesday 26th May 2020

Piers Morgan threatens to report Charlotte Hawkins to HR

She has been kicking him

It's no secret that Piers Morgan enjoys winding up his Good Morning Britain co-presenters.

During Monday's show, the star revealed Charlotte Hawkins 'likes to kick him in the shins' when he talks while she tries to do her news bulletin.

Charlotte told the latest issue of Sunday Express' S magazine that she kicks Piers because she finds it "intensely frustrating" when he hums during her news reports.

Charlotte "kicks" Piers on the shins when he interrupts her (Credit: ITV)

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Talking about Charlotte's admission, Piers said: "Unless I'm wrong, that is an admission of violence in the workplace towards a co-worker."

Later in the show, Charlotte attempted to deliver her news report.

But Piers interrupted her and Charlotte said: "Are you about to start humming, is that what it is?"

Piers replied: "She likes to kick me in the shins when I talk when she tries to do her news bulletin."

Piers then asked Charlotte why she doesn't like it when he hums during her 'bits'.

Piers often finds ways to wind up his fellow co-presenters (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte replied: "I don't think you understand just how annoying it is.

I don't think you understand just how annoying it is.

"If they [the viewers] want to listen to the rest of the news bulletin, they will understand how annoying it is."

She joked: "Right, where are those ankles?"

This comes after Charlotte opened up about working alongside Piers.

The former Strictly Come Dancing star told S mag: "It can be intensely frustrating when he cuts in and interrupts. It’s hard to get a word in edge ways."

When asked if she gives Piers a little kick under the table, Charlotte replied: "Yeah, the whole time.

“He should have black and blue ankles. He deserves them. He would just ignore it."

Just last month, Piers and Charlotte clashed on Good Morning Britian after Piers' cup of tea got in the way of her shot.

While Charlotte was trying to present her news report, Piers decided to pick up his mug and take a sip of his cuppa while in frame.

Being the professional she is, Charlotte continued to deliver the news but gave Piers a stern talking to afterwards.

She told Piers: "You may be making an effort to be quieter and not interrupt as much.

Piers' cuppa got in the way of Charlotte's shot (Credit: ITV)

"But you're still making your presence felt, because your cup of tea, literally as I was speaking, straight through the shot."

But Piers was in no rush to apologise and instead poked fun at his co-presenter.

"It’s probably the most interesting thing about your news bulletin, my hand moving across," he quipped.

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Charlotte hit back: "Were you actually listening to it – and not reading the paper while I was reading the news?"

"It was the director’s fault because he can point these cameras from any angle, he’s deliberately choosing to do it to embarrass you," Piers chimed in.

"I raised my tea in exactly the same way I’ve always raised it, he knows it, you know it, I know it."

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