Piers Morgan mocks Charlotte Hawkins’ outfit

He told her to "put some clothes on"

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Piers Morgan took the opportunity to wind up Charlotte Hawkins on Wednesday’s Good Morning Britain by mocking her choice of outfit.

Charlotte opted for a floral summery dress, which was perfectly suited to the warm weather outside.

But after she complained she was feeling a bit chilly in the air conditioned studio, Piers scolded his co-presenter and told her to “put some clothes on.”

Piers mocked Charlotte’s summery outfit (Credit: ITV)

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“I’ll tell you what’s funny today,” Piers began. “Charlotte Hawkins comes in, ‘oh I’m so cold’… just stand up a minute Charlotte.”

“I’m freezing,” Charlotte replied, as she stood up to showcase her outfit.

Piers asked: “I had a mad idea, Charlotte, have you thought of wearing any clothes to work?”

Charlotte hit back: “I’m wearing a summer dress. It is actually sunny outside!”

But Piers wasn’t having any of it and continued his rant: “Maybe if you put some clothes on, you won’t feel quite so cold.”

Piers made Charlotte stand up to show her dress (Credit: ITV)

“I’m wearing several layers,” he added, pointing to his suit and shirt, and then to co-host Susanna Reid, saying: “Susanna [is] perfectly attired for a nice brisk studio.”

Susanna then piped up to support her friend, saying: “But Charlotte’s dressed for the weather outside.”

She told Piers: “And for some reason it’s almost arctic in this studio because you are wearing so many clothes, we have to have the air conditioning on for you so you don’t overheat!

“You get too hot in your layers of suit and shirt and vest.”

Charlotte added: “They’ve made it colder in here, because it’s warmer outside. So, it’s even colder in here.”

Defending himself, Piers said: “I don’t make any requests about temperature. I don’t care if it’s hot or cold. I’m actually the least diva person you’ll meet apart from I like certain things.”

Susanna defended Charlotte as Piers poked fun at her outfit (Credit: ITV)

Charlotte then quipped: “I’ll be wearing a jumper tomorrow in that case.”

This isn’t the first time Piers has decided to poke fun at one of his co-hosts’ attire.

Last week, Piers mocked Susanna’s blue and white striped shirt by saying it looked like she was wearing pyjamas.

He kicked off the show by discussing the shirt, saying: “It’s really early. Some people may still be at home or maybe still in bed… wearing their pyjamas!”

Susanna insisted: “This is actually a dress, this is not pyjamas. I can prove it by standing up!

“It’s a night shirt! I’m in a night shirt this morning!”

Piers mocked Susanna’s outfit by comparing them to pyjamas (Credit: ITV)

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And if that wasn’t bad enough, Susanna revealed she found out somebody thought she was wearing a maternity dress!

She said: “They’ve got a point, to be honest!”

“I’m not the father, I want that to be crystal clear!” Piers quipped.

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