Charlotte Crosby reveals she spent the night with reality hunk!

Well, she is the lucky one!

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Well, we never saw that one coming

Hilarious Charlotte Crosby has sensationally let slip that she once spent the night with gorgeous Alex Mytton over the summer.

The lucky so and so.

The former Geordie Shore star says she ended up in bed with the perfectly formed Made In Chelsea hunk after they attended a party in Cannes.

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“There was a spoon, I’m sure there was. We were in bed a long time,” she teased during filming of Jaime Laing’s new series  In Bed With James .

But don’t get too excited – she clams NOTHING actually happened between them. (Yeah, likely story!)

“There was a lot of spooning,” Charlotte explained. “because that’s all that happened… We were definitely not naked.”

This supposed night of passion took place back in the summer at the closing night of the Cannes Lion Festival.

Those around them at the time apparently saw sparks flying between them.

“They shared an instant chemistry,” someone told the MailOnline enthusiastically.

“It was obvious that they were going to hook-up, if they hadn’t already.”

But sadly a fully blown relationship between the reality legends seems unlikely as Alex is now dating Kate Moss’ sister Lottie.