Charlotte Crosby mocked as she claims her lips are all natural

Fans suggested she look back at photos from a few years ago

Former Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby is well used to people poking fun at her surgically enhanced features.

When she appeared on Loose Women earlier this year she had a bit of a run-in with the ferocious Janet Street Porter about her face.

The 70-year-old TV legend wickedly poked fun at Char for all the surgery she’d had.

“I knew what was going to happen,” the Just Tattoo Of Us host said afterwards.

When Charlotte appeared on Loose Women, Janet criticised her surgical enhancements (Credit: ITV)

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“I knew I was going to be judged because I’d had a nose job and scrutinised and basically picked on by Janet Street-Porter.”

Since then the Geordie lass has buried the hatchet with the ladies.

But now she has found herself on the receiving end of fans who think she has gone too far with her enhancements.

When she posted a gorgeous fresh-faced make-up free pic of herself on holiday, some said they thought her lips were getting beyond a joke.

When Charlotte posted this cute pic, her fans were fast to snipe at her lips (Credit: Instagram)

One said: “Charlotte I do love you but please stop with the lips now love.”

Another sniped the words: “Plastic lips!”

Another critic commented: “Wear sunglasses and hat take care of your skin. I do not know what is worse the state of your face or lips, do not take comments like hate, take as good advice. Stop touching your face with [crap] it is obvious that you have a rare reaction on you face (sic),’ one wrote.

Even though her hair looked amazing, some folks were mean about Charlotte’s lips (credit: Instagram)

A fourth said: ‘Seriously don’t do that to your lips honey. You look way better without it.’

Even though she was relaxing on holiday with boyfriend Stephen Bear, Charlotte was so wound up by the comments she decided to hit back.

Fed up, Charlotte took to SnapChat to hit back at the haters… (Credit: SnapChat)

Taking to Snapchat, she said: “I just posted a picture […] and everyone was going ‘your lips, your lips what has happened to you lips?'”

She then told her fans that if they wanted a giggle they should go on her Instagram and “watch them all bite”.

The mischief-maker then posted a picture using a hilarious filter of her and said: “My lips are natural”

Charlotte told the moaners that her laps were very natural – and used a hilarious filter (Credit: SnapChat)

Of course, that didn’t stop others from continuing to attack her about her lips, with some telling her to look at pictures of herself from a couple of years ago.

Poor Charlotte, she can’t win, can she?

But then who’s business is it but her own?

Haters may have poked fun at her gob, but they were left speechless by this amazing bikini shot (Credit: Instagram)

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But Charlotte had the last laugh.

Just to make those haters even more jealous than they were, she also posted several pictures from her holiday looking gorgeous in a bikini…