Charlotte Crosby left embarrassed by shocking gaffe!

Meanwhile her boyfriend Stephen Bear gets slated!

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Charlotte Crosby was left humiliated yesterday when fans pointed out a mistake on the cover of her upcoming new autobiography.

The ex-Geordie Shore is set to release Brand New Me in the next few weeks and teased fans with a shot of the cover.

But eagle eyed fans noticed a typo.

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In the tagline “Charlotte Crosby, Brand New Me, Stonger, Wiser, Outrageous As Ever”, scatty publishers hadn’t noticed that the letter ‘r’ was missing from the world ‘stronger’.

When fans asked Charlotte if the book had already been printed she replied, “Hahahhaha I bloody hope not 😂❤❤”.

The book, a follow up to her hugely successful ME! ME! ME! book, is set to reveal explosive revelations about the reality star’s life, touching on her ectopic pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Charlotte’s former Geordie Shore co-stars have hinted that she will return to the MTV reality show.

Chloe Ferry told Digital Spy: “Of course – she’s one of the main people on Geordie Shore. She’s definitely coming back. But she needed a break.

“Her and Gaz are totally done now and they’re both over it. They’ll be fine working together again.”

Which is good news for Stephen Bear, who is her current squeeze.

However, while she seems pretty lobed up with him, he is proving to be a very unpopular person of late.

Lady Nadia Essex, who worked with him on Celebs Go Dating, says she thought he was “obnoxious” on the show.

“We never got to meet Stephen, because there’s “Bear” the character then there’s Stephen the real person,” she said.

“All we saw ever was Bear the character, who was this over the top, obnoxious… douchebag.

“Charlotte’s not a fool, and she wouldn’t date Bear the character. She obviously sees something in him that we never saw.

Nadia says she thinks Bear put on an act on Celebs Go Dating in just the same way he did on Celebrity Big Brother.

She reckons he thinks that that is what the public wants to see from him.

“We’re the realest of all the reality shows, and it just disconnected because he didn’t realise you had to be real. We wanted to get to the heart of Stephen,” she said.

“At every turn he put a barrier up. He would never give you a straight answer to a straightforward question.

“For us, it was impossible to work with someone who just didn’t care.

But Lady Nadia isn’t the only person to lay in to TV’s gruffest star!

So too has nice guy Charlie King, who has just returned to TOWIE.

He says that he doesn’t like Bear’s TV persona and is sad that being as rude as he is has got him work.

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“When I left TOWIE I did find it hard to get work. Then there are people like Stephen Bear who appear to have no morals and acts like he barely has a braincell in his head is still booked for work,’ he told GuysLikeU.

‘And that’s what made me doubt myself over the past year. Why is someone like that booked for jobs when he goes around looking like he has no substance and I’m not given that job ‘cos I am too nice?’

“I have to admit, like a lot of people, I cannot stand Stephen Bear. He might be a nice guy in the real world but from what I’ve seen of him on TV he has done some very vile, disrespectful and aggressive things,” he said.

“I don’t know if it’s all an act, but it doesn’t come across very well on TV.”