Charlotte Crosby compared to Michael Jackson after shocking fans with new look

Fans were stunned after clapping eyes on the latest photo of her

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She’s never been shy about the fact she’s gone under the knife to change her appearance, admitting to nose job surgery and lip fillers.

But fans of Charlotte Crosby, 27, have pleaded with her to stop after seeing the most-recent photo of the former Geordie Shore star.

Charlotte drew gasps after sharing a selfie of herself and reality star boyfriend Stephen Bear to Instagram on Thursday.

One shocked fan wrote: “I love Charlotte but in this picture she looks like Michael Jackson.”

Another agreed: “Welcome back Michael Jackson.”

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A third added: “Michael Jackson is alive?”

And a fourth told Charlotte: “I think you’re starting to look like Michael Jackson.”

A further fan felt Charlotte resembled another celebrity: “Oh my days, I have adored watching this girl make something of herself, but all I see now is Pete Burns!!”

Meanwhile, another simply said: “Oh my God what have you done to your face. Silly girl.”

Many, many more fans added their voices, including one who said: “You’re so young Charlotte, why have so much work done? Stop before it’s too late.”

That was echoed by another who wrote: “Oh gosh I don’t want to put you down but it doesn’t even look like you anymore WAY too much surgery”

A third added: “She looks like one of those dollies when you turn it up side down it’s eyes goes in the back of its head.”

One fan, however, pointed out it was nobody’s concern but Charlotte’s about how she looks.

“Charlotte starting to not look like Charlotte. It’s up to her how she looks. But I do beg the question. If society said natural was better whether she would be more natural?”

But, as always, there were plenty of people who disagreed and told Charlotte she looks amazing.

One said: “I think you look beautiful and that you should continue to do what makes you happy xoxo.”

Another said: “Don’t let people change your opinion on yourself. You’re beautiful, why would there be so many likes if people didn’t like you. People are jealous.”

And a third said: “I think you look fine. I mean obviously you look different but you still look gorgeous.”

Charlotte recently told The Sun that she tries not to let nasty comments affect her but, inevitably, they can hurt.

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“I know I get compliments, where people say I look great, but every day I get a hundred comments slagging me off, saying I’m fat or I’m ugly or I have bad skin,” she said.

“I have so many horrible things said about me, it’s normal that they make me feel ugly and disgusting.

“You don’t ever remember the nice things. I try to tell myself it doesn’t matter and I don’t care. But it does – and I do.”