Charlotte Church tries – and fails – to advertise for a nanny in secret

The singer is in the hunt for a nanny but has made it obvious who she is

Okay… so you’re a big star, you’re preggers and you want a nanny who is discreet and won’t fan-girl all over  you.

So what do you do?

Well, of course,  you post an online advert that is anonymous so that no one will know who you really are.

That’s what recently-announced pregnant singer Charlotte Church has done.

Charlotte announced she was pregnant with her third child on stage last week (Credit: FameFlynet)

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Only, the silly miss has let slip some clues in the ad that have made it a little more obvious who it is looking for a nanny!

In the recruitment notice, Charlotte says the role will involve working with a “VIP family”, which is a give away that this isn’t just Mr and Mrs Jones from the round the corner.

Then she says in the advert that “mum” is a “well-known singer” and that both parents “are musicians” (boyfriend Jonathan plays in her band!), not to mention the fact that she’s expecting baby number three.

Charlotte is having a baby with her boyfriend Jonathan – she also has two kids by Gavin Henson (Credit: Twitter)

Other clues for armchair detectives to savour over include the Welsh star’s postcode, that is near Cardiff, plus she mentions that she performs at weekends and has her own studio in the grounds.

So a musician with pot loads of cash!

Charlotte also describes herself as a “super laid-back mum”, which she is, as she loves nothing more than to let loose on a cheeky Vimto – though probably not as much as as she used to when she was a wild child teenager.

The former child star says she also wants the successful applicant to be able to arrange “fun, cultural and educational activities”.

Charlotte describes herself a laid back mum – which she very much is. (Credit: Twitter)

She also gives us an insight into what living in her house is like.

If you thought it was a peaceful oasis of calm where she lives in Wales, you’d be wrong.

Apparently it’s a busy house with visitors, kids and dogs!

Charlotte will need help with her three kids, her dogs and general help around the house! (Credit: Twitter)

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“There are people coming and going all day, but the house is very relaxed and friendly,” the advert continues.

Charlotte’s spokesperson told The Sun Online: “It’s her private business,” which is hardly a denial that is is her, is it?

If you’re interested in the job, you can expect to earn between £22,000 to £35,000 a year and you must be up for helping with washing, shopping, nappies and two dogs.

Sounds easy peasy, now where’s that application form…..