Charlotte church

Charlotte Church joins celebrity video site after admitting her millions have dried up

She previously said she'd have to work 'for the rest of my life'

Former child star and the sassiest soprano ever Charlotte Church has joined celebrity video site Cameo.

It comes after she previously warned that she would need to work for the rest of her adult life after her millions were spent.

Charlotte, 35, who gave birth to her third child last year, said back in 2014 that her fortunes were dwindling.

And now she seems to have come up with a cunning plan to bring in the pennies.

Charlotte Church joins Cameo

The star posted a video to Instagram earlier this week telling fans that she’d joined the celebrity messaging site.

Not in any way similar to OnlyFans, Charlotte will record a personalised video for a special occasion before it’s sent to the lucky recipient.

She charges £102 for the message – and has come under fire for the high fee.

“Great way to connect with fans at £102,” said one.

Another agreed with the sarcastic tweet, adding three crying with laughter emojis.

“It is really the best way to connect with your fans and at the same time it’s the easiest way for celebs to earn money,” said another.

Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church gave birth to daughter Frida last year (Credit: ITV)

What did Charlotte Church say about her lost millions?

In an interview with BBC One Wales, Charlotte explained why she would need to work for, well, as long as the rest of us.

The singer, who recently filmed an episode of Celebrity Catchphrase for ITV, said: “I will have to work for the rest of my life. Not because I want to but because I have to.

“I always understood that all that stuff isn’t important and my career was not the be and end all.”

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Oh, Char. Welcome to the club, hun.

MailOnline reported that the singer, who shot to fame in 1998 with her first album Voice of an Angel, was worth over £25 million a the height of her fame.

But by 2010, the tabloid reckoned she was down to her last £10-ish million, after turning her back on classical music for pop.

Welsh Charlotte released Tissues and Issues in 2005, which spawned two absolute bops in Call My Name and Crazy Chick.

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Some fans were confused by the former Voice of an Angel suddenly singing about whips cracking, belts dropping and doors locking however and Char’s pop career didn’t take off like it really deserved to.

According to The Times Rich List in 2013, Charlotte was down to her last £8m, her bank balance dropping a huge £11m following her split from Welsh Rugby star Gavin Henson in 2011.

She even joked, at the time, that HMRC were wondering about her missing millions.

“The tax man is looking at my accounts and wondering where I’m hiding my money,” she quipped.

How many kids has Charlotte got?

Charlotte gave birth to daughter Frida during lockdown last year, her first child with new love Johnny Powell.

Frida’s arrival was unintentionally announced by Charlotte’s pal, Holly Willoughby, who accidentally let slip that the new mum now had three kids.

Hols said: “You’ve got the three kids now? How’s the home schooling?”

Charlotte is also mum to Ruby, 12, and Dexter, 11, who she shares with Gavin.

Earlier this year, Charlotte’s estranged father passed away after contracting Covid-19.

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