Charley Webb shares heartbreak over son Bowie heading back to school

The Emmerdale star is sad to send her little one off into the world

Charley Webb has shared her sadness about her son Bowie, five, going back to school.

The mum-of-three has had her family at home with her for months due to lockdown.

Taking to social media, she shared her secret heartache over waving her little one-off.

She first shared a video to her 470,00 Instagram followers.

charley webb
Charley Webb and her hubby Matthew Wolfenden are proud parents to three boys (Credit: SplashNews)

Charley is a devoted mum-of-three

In it Bowie is shown proudly marching off with his brothers.

The Emmerdale actress wrote: “Treat day before he starts school tomorrow. My heart is secretly breaking.”

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She then posted a passage on how sad and ’emotional’ she is over her little boy’s return to school.

Charley shared: “My little shadow is heading to school tomorrow. We had a special day today, just the three of us and I’m so happy we got to have it.

“It’s hard with 3 to have that one to one time but today we did and it was amazing.

Charley is a doting mum who regularly shares family updates on Instagram (Credit: SplashNews)

She’s enjoyed months at home with her three children

“I can’t even begin to explain how emotional I’ve been feeling, I’m sure loads of people feel like this when their babies are starting their school journey (please tell me I’m not on my own).

“Now I’ve been off work for so long I feel like I’m so used to having him by my side, he follows me everywhere I go and I love it.

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“He’s beyond excited to start tomorrow and be one of the ‘big kids’ and I’m so encouraging of it but God I’m finding it hard.

“It feels like starting reception is the first day of letting them go a little and start their own journey.

“He will be absolutely fine and will LOVE it, I know he will. You just might find me sobbing in the corner for a few days but I’m sure I’ll get used to it very quickly.

“For all the Mums and Dads whose kids are heading off tomorrow or have already started I hope you’re doing ok. Xxx”

Dozens of her followers rushed to reassure Charley that her feelings are quite normal.

One user wrote: “Aww bless you. I felt the same with my little boy and got it to come again with my little Hetty in January.

“It’s really emotional isn’t it? Hope he has a fabulous day and it goes quickly for you.”

And a second user urged: “Nothing wrong with a tear at that, It shows what an amazing love you have for your children.”

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