EastEnders character leaves Walford after shameful secret exposed

There's gonna be no one left on that Square soon

EastEnders fans said goodbye to another character in tonight’s episode as Mr Pryce – aka – Gethin left Walford in shame after being branded a ‘nonce’ by Jack Branning.

Last night Gethin called Bex Fowler’s bluff as the besotted schoolgirl threatened to expose their snog to her mum, Sonia, who Gethin was dating.

Sonia was so shocked, she throat-slammed Mr Pryce and forced him to confess that he’d kissed Bex back – briefly – and had regretted it ever since.

Furious, Sonia booted him out of the house and Gethin hot-footed it to the Vic to sink some shots. Be careful Geth, Mick doesn’t take too kindly to child molesters in his pub – just ask Jay.

Geth’s landlord, Jack, noticed the school teacher seemed distressed and sat him down for a man to man chat. He’s good like, Jack.

But the blossoming bromance was left in tatters when Jack accompanied Gethin back to Sonia’s where he’d left his wallet.

Sonia snarled that Geth had been sticking his tongue down her daughter’s throat, which earned him another throat slam from Jack who then took his keys off him and told him he was evicted.

Hmm…common assault and incorrect notice of eviction procedures there.

Gethin failed to show up at school the next day either and Sonia informed a tearful Bex that he wouldn’t be returning.

Elsewhere a raging Ben couldn’t believe his mum hadn’t told him she’d been raped, but he was in for even more of a shock when he discovered Luke knew about his dad’s past.

Luke then dropped the bombshell that James Willmott-Brown would like to meet Ben.

How could he refuse?

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