Jon Snow

Channel 4 newsreader Jon Snow in lockdown after returning from coronavirus-hit Iran

Two whole weeks

Legendary Channel 4 News host Jon Snow announced he has put himself into self-isolation over fears he may have contracted coronavirus.

The veteran newsreader, 72, revealed on Tuesday (February 25 2020) he is shutting himself away for two weeks as a precautionary measure after visiting Iran, where he covered the country’s election.

Jon Snow
Jon was recently in Iran (Credit: Channel 4)

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In recent days, Iran has become one of the most badly hit countries in the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

And Jon said that while he hasn’t displayed any symptoms of the virus up to now, he’s playing it safe.

He said on Channel 4 News: I’m […] not really supposed to congregate with crowds or go anywhere where there may be people.

“I woke up this morning feeling rather tired, but that was from the trip. But we weren’t actually anywhere near where the main virus outbreak has occurred.

Jon Snow
He’s shutting himself away for two weeks (Credit: Channel 4)

“The enormity of the prospect of 14 days hasn’t really hit me. I’ve been doing everything I needed to catch up on… but I haven’t really had time to work out how in fact I’m going to handle this. I must admit, I’m not very good with my own company.”

Jon’s producer and a cameraman likewise self-isolating themselves following the Iran trip.

It follows reports that the ongoing coronavirus outbreak could kill as many as half a million people in the UK.

There are fears it could infect four in five Brits (Credit:

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A National Security Communications Team document reportedly seen by The Sun suggested that four in five people in the UK could contract Covid-19.

The percentage is equivalent to more than 50 million people and would lead to around 500,000 deaths, as experts have said the disease is believed to have a mortality rate of around one per cent.

As reported by the Evening Standard, Scotland’s chief medical officer confirmed that emergency preparation has been ramped up across the UK to ensure effective measures are in place should such a situation become a reality.

Earlier forecasts have placed the potential global death toll as high as 45 million.

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