Channel 4 favourite Wife Swap is returning to our screens!

Yes - there ARE tears...

Remember Wife Swap? Well it’s set to return to our screens tomorrow night (June 15) with a one-off Brexit special!

This will be the first time in eight years that the show is back on our screens airing on Channel 4.

Just like any other Wife Swap episode two couples from vastly different backgrounds will swap their lives for one week.

Kat Boettge, Roger and Sophie are the first family to take part in the show special (Credit: Channel 4)

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The hour-long episode will feature two families from each side of the Brexit debate who have completely different views on immigration and racism.

First up is Kat Boettge who voted remain in the debate.

Kat is a Green Party councillor who lives in Nottinghamshire with partner Roger and 17-year-old daughter Sophie.

German-born Kat is pretty well known for her views on Brexit on social media.

She will swap lives with Ukip campaigner Pauline.

Pauline, Andy and Katie are the second family ready to swap their lives (Credit: Channel 4)

Pauline lives with hubby Andy and their 14-year-old daughter Katie.

In the show viewers will see Pauline host a dinner party with some of Kat’s friends and the conversation quickly turns to whether leave voters are racist.

This is definitely going to be explosive!

Commissioning editor at Channel 4 Emily Jones revealed: “Wife Swap was largely about how people chose to run their homes, but it always had political undertones.

“Now the world has changed and recent events have brought political issues into the heart of every household.”

It’s believed that the two couples will meet at the end of the show to talk about their experience.

The show is definitely going to be a good one! (Credit: YouTube)

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We really can’t wait.

Wife Swap UK originally aired back in 2003 before coming off air in 2009.

The US version of the reality show was hugely popular which aired just one year later in 2004 and the final episode was in 2010.

If you are completely unaware of what the show is basically two families, usually from different lifestyles, swap wives/mothers for two weeks.

They then have to adapt to the other family’s lifestyle before introducing them to their own way of living in the second week.

Wife Swap: Brexit Special airs on Thursday 15th June at 9pm on Channel 4.

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