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Saturday 25th January 2020

Chanelle Hayes slams 'unflattering' pap pics after revealing her weight loss

She is distraught

Chanelle Hayes has worked hard to lose almost four stone, but she has been left "sick with anxiety" after seeing unflattering paparazzi pictures of herself.

The Big Brother star recently shared a photo of her slimmer figure on Instagram, which revealed her small waist in a fitted dress.

However, photos of Chanelle leaving the gym then emerged online and the mum-of-two insisted they were taken from a bad angle to make her look 'bigger'.

She's been on a health kick for months (Credit: @chanellejhayes Instagram)

Chanelle won praise from fans when she posted a snap of herself looking much trimmer.

She showed off her latest weight loss in a pink dress at her goddaughter's christening this week.

Chanelle looked a lot smaller in her latest Instagram post (Credit: @chanellejhayes Instagram)

However, the 31-year-old's confidence was soon shattered when the new gym pictures circulated on the likes of MailOnline.

She was pictured in a gym vest and leggings as she finished her exercise session.

Chanelle took to social media to air her upset and frustration.

She told her followers on Instagram Stories: "I have had it I swear to god. The nasty pap who has waited outside a gym for two hours for me just to get a pic of me looking (BLEEP) is the lowest scumbag ever.

"No wonder people have body confidence issues. I am constantly slammed on a daily basis and all I want is to get on with my life, get fit, lose weight!"

She recently shared this before and after pic of her weight loss (Credit: @chanellejhayes Instagram)

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No wonder people have body confidence issues.

Chanelle added that the gym pictures have left her feeling "sick with anxiety."

"My arms are a problem area which is why you've taken these nasty shots where they are prominent. Now I feel sick with anxiety and wont be able to sleep. You nasty (BLEEPS)," she added.

But the reality star didn't stop there. She also voiced that she feels uneasy about being followed.

She explained in another post: "To do that to someone who suffers with anxiety and has two young children is just diabolical. I feel sick to my stomach. Like - are you outside my house right now even?? I moved away from London to not have to deal with this. Leave me alone!"

Chanelle was feeling vulnerable after the ordeal (Credit: @chanellejhayes Instagram)

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Chanelle shared her weight loss stats last month.

She told fans that between November 2018 and May 2019 she has gone from a size 18-20 to a size 12.

She was previously "15st 16lbs" but has managed to get down to "11st 13lbs" by eating healthily and exercising.

Chanelle wrote on Instagram last month: "In losing all that excess weight I have gained more confidence and happiness. If I had been extreme with my eating choices I am sure I could be much smaller and lighter than I am now, however I have been working hard at keeping (and increasing) my muscle mass."

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