Chanelle Hayes brands ex Ryan Oates ‘vile’ for trying to ruin her 30th birthday

She's keeping fans updated on Twitter

Former Big Brother contestant, Chanelle Hayes, has lashed out at her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Oates, and accused him of trying to deliberately ruin her 30th birthday.

Chanelle and Ryan, who have a son together, split this week as Chanelle announced on Twitter he’d walked out on her and her two kids.

Instagram @ChanelleHayes
Chanelle with baby Frankie (Credit: Instagram)

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Now she’s taken to the social media site again to accuse Ryan of deliberately sabotaging plans she has made for her big day.

Chanelle, who turned 30 today, tweeted: “Now it’s even an issue for me to go to see my parents and my friends! I need to be back at 6pm because he has plans and he isn’t my babysitter. So as my mum works on a Saturday I won’t get to even see her! Scum of the earth. #rage.”

She added: “Comes in demanding me to make Frankie’s bottles up for him, tells me off for a pap being outside! How is that my fault?!

“Tells me I will be back for 6 as he isn’t my babysitter and that it doesn’t matter my friends have arranged a surprise dinner for me as he has plans. VILE.”

Her rant wasn’t over though, not by a long shot.

She continued: “No, you’re not a babysitter. You’re a DAD. Or is that just when it suits you?!”

Adding: “So when I told him I would have to take the kids with me if he couldn’t have them slightly later for my birthday he says I’m not allowed to take them!! I can’t win!! Totally out to ruin my day. Awkward nasty person.”

Chanelle’s loyal followers rallied round to offer her support.

One fan tweeted: “Rise above it and  keep you head held high.”

Another added: “Why even waste your energy…. turn your phone off celebrate your day as you wish.”

Chanelle and Ryan split after an 18-month romance. Chanelle gave birth to their baby boy, Frankie, just two months ago.

Since announcing the split, Chanelle has been keeping her supporters up to date on social media.

On Wednesday night she took to Instagram to share her devastation at the situation.

She shared a quote to social media which read: “I’m trying to keep it together with a smile on my face and my head held high.

Instagram @ChanelleHayes
Chanelle’s heartbroken post from Wednesday (Credit: Instagram)

“But the truth is I am dying from the inside.”

Chanelle uploaded the quote alongside a simple emoji of a broken heart.

Chanelle gave birth to son Frankie, her first child with Ryan, in August.

But this week she accused the PE teacher of walking out on her, angrily tweeting: “When Ryan drops your child off and you basically beg him to sort your family out but he tells you his family & friends have told him he should have left me even sooner than he did!

Chanelle and Ryan dated for 18 months (Credit: Instagram)

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“What a lovely bunch of people.”

Ryan has yet to respond to Chanelle’s allegation.

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