Chad Johnson defends Sarah Harding after fan tweet

He wants people to know he's serious

Since meeting in the Celebrity Big Brother house Chad Johnson and Sarah Harding have been subject to lots of people commenting on their relationship.

Fellow housemate Trish Paytas has accused them of “faking” it, and when one fan agreed Chad and Sarah shouldn’t be together and told The Bachelor star as much on Twitter, Chad decided to speak up.

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One follower told the star that “the real [Chad] does not belong” with the blonde bombshell.

Chad responded: “Appreciate the thought but the real you does not know the real me and the real us are fine.”

So there.

But one person who certainly doesn’t buy it is Trisha, who retweeted the message adding one of her own.

“Cause u both r faking it for that next $ – would be more real if u owned up to it babe. Love u. Hate her. But be real, k?” she wrote. Ouch.

Neither Chad nor Sarah have responded to her message, suggesting they’re ignoring the haters and getting on with their romance.

Yesterday, Sarah tagged Chad in her first tweet since leaving the compound.

The ex Girls Aloud legend tagged Chad and uploaded a clip of Will Smith’s cover of The Two Of Us.

This was no doubt in response to reports that Chad is still on dating app Bumble.

But whether it’s true or not, we think those reports are a little unfair.

After all, the handsome fella did enter the house single and only left the other day so excuses can be made for him not deactivating his profile yet.

Meanwhile to ensure that the public know they are still very much in love, Chad posted a picture of himself, shirtless, on Instagram.

But guess who’s in the bed with him?

Yep! It’s Sarah!

While she doesn’t appear in the picture itself, her arm – complete with tibetan tattoo – is clearly seen holding a bottle of detox pills that he seems to be promoting.

The picture was enough to please their fans who left messages about what a lovely couple they are.

One said: “Love that I see my girl Sarah’s arm there!!”

Another wrote: “All the Best Chad & Sarah..Stunning couple..Love..Live.. Happiness xx”

A third added: “You and Sarah are the best couple!”

Chad has also responded to another follower who asked if he and Sarah were still together. He said: “Yep! Life is never easy but we are together and she’s 5 feet away from me sleeping while I eat eggs at my hotel lol.”

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Hmmm…. Looks like things are going well for the two of them….for now.

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