Bianca Gascoigne breaks down on Loose Women over Jamie O’Hara

She's been really hurt by the whole thing

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Some branded it a showmance but Bianca Gascoigne broke down in tears as she told the Loose Women panel that her feelings for Jamie O’Hara were real.

Bianca met Jamie on the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother and they quickly became close.

They spent their time in the house kissing and cuddling and he even declared her ‘wife material’, but Bianca actually had a boyfriend on the outside, CJ Meeks.

Things soured with Jamie after they were released from the house and he ended up finishing with her, but never actually told her. In fact, she found out after reading it online.

Joining Loose Women panellists Andrea McLean, Nadia Sawalha, Kaye Adams, and fellow CBB housemate and eventual winner Coleen Nolan, Bianca revealed just how hard she’s found everything since leaving the house.

“Since I’ve left I’ve had a really hard time,” she said. “I’ve not been sleeping, my anxiety, the whole lot.

“Being labelled a cheat is such a horrible thing. I know that’s what happened, but I’ve never done that before in my life and I never thought that I’d ever have that label. Ever.

“I couldn’t help my feelings towards Jamie, they just slowly developed.”

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Talking about the fact she had a boyfriend, but kept it quiet, Bianca explained:

“When I got booked for the programme I was single, we’d been on and off and that’s how it stayed.

“The relationship [with CJ] wasn’t right, considering what happened with Jamie, it just shows to me it really wasn’t right.”

CJ was given the right to reply and sent a statement to the show about how hurt he was, and Bianca said she felt sad at hearing what he had to say.

“I do get it, he’s really, really hurt” but then added she hoped he was going to stop doing “set up pap shots”.

Bianca ended up equally heartbroken when Jamie called time on their fledgling romance before it had even really begun.

“We were supposed to meet up the day before the story all came out,” Bianca revealed. “And he messaged me saying he couldn’t because of personal reasons and I was like ‘fair enough, hope everything’s okay’.

“Then the next day I read it online that he’d dumped me.”

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Despite Jamie issuing a statement to the show that inside the house his feelings for Bianca were genuine, the TV personality welled up as she talked about how difficult the whole thing has been for her.

“It’s been something new in the press every day,” she said. “I’ve had to book a holiday – I’m going away later just to try and clear my head, I’m going to turn off my phone. It’s just been so negative since I’ve come out of the house. I’m not even sleeping.”

The panel were all on Bianca’s side though and told her repeatedly not to let it upset her or get her down.

As she heads off for some sun and relaxation, let’s hope Bianca can move on and put the whole sorry mess behind her.