CBB mystery as Ray J ‘banned’ from returning to house

American left following medical emergency

Ray J has LEFT the CBB house after being hospitalised and is now threatening to sue after not being allowed back in.

The American artist and songwriter left the mad house on Tuesday after complaining about a cracked tooth.

He blacked out because of the pain and was immediately taken to hospital.

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Talking to US website, he said he had been complaining about the pain for “three and a half days”.

He said: “It got to the point where some of the housemates in the house felt I was being ignored, we took petitions to say, ‘Hey we’re not doing any more tasks until Ray J’s tooth gets fixed’.

“I’ve got a cracked tooth where I need a filling fixed, I’ve got a gum coming over my other tooth. I’m in a lot of pain.

“I end up in the hospital 45 minutes, they get me some nutrition and I eat some McDonald’s and I’m cool, I’m literally fine, I’m ready to go back in the house and they won’t let me back in,” he said.

Oh dear…

He went on to say that he felt like he was connecting with the British fan base and that it was really unfair that producers weren’t letting him back in.

Don’t you worry folks, Ray J is very determined to get back into the house.

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Asked if he would sue if he did not receive his reported one million-dollar (£800,000) fee for taking part in the show, he said: “I never like to do that because I’m a producer and I like to be on the same page as everybody, but this is just not fair.

“And if I have to take those precautions I will. I don’t even care about my tooth. Put me back in the house and let me work.”

Watch this space people. This man ain’t going down without a fight.