Celebrities salaries to be exposed by BBC and it could start a wage war

The broadcaster has to reveal every star on more than £150,000

The BBC is set to publish its list of biggest earners on Wednesday.

Due to new Government policy, the broadcaster must reveal all of the celebrities who are being paid more than £150,000 a year.

Many are saying that it could lead to a huge wage war between all of the celebrity employees when they find out that members of the opposite sex are being paid more.

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There are also concerns that if they think that they aren’t being paid enough compared to their colleague, they could in fact leave the Beeb for a better offer.

According to The Mirror, TV host Graham Norton will be the top of the list, as he is rumoured to be paid a whopping £2.5million a year.

Coming in behind him could be Strictly Come Dancing star Claudia Winkleman on £525,000 and Match of the Day’s Gary Lineker who reportedly brought home £1.8million in 2016.

Broadcaster Andrew Marr has previously revealed how awkward he felt about the thought of everybody’s pay packets being exposed.

“It’s uncomfortable for all of us,” he said last month.

“I’m well paid but I’m much less overpaid, perhaps, than people working for rival organisations who won’t go through this process.”

Peter Sissons, who used to be a News At Ten presenter has told the Daily Star that it could cause a lot of controversy.

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He said: “Some of the biggest egos in the land are there and they will discover what the other big egos are paid.”

A BBC source has said however, that tax payers might actually be pleasantly surprised.

“People should wait and see what the data shows rather than jumping to conclusions – people may be surprised by how much progress we have made – particularly when compared to the rest of the broadcasting and media sector,” the insider said.

“The data on recent promotions and hires is excellent.”

Only time will tell!