Are these celebrities helping Honey G stay in The X Factor?

The secret to her success could well have been revealed

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There is no middle ground when it comes to X Factor ‘rapper’ Honey G.

You either absolutely love her or you can’t stand her.

The ITV singing competition has been dripping in Honey since Judges’ Houses and now that the live shows are here, the rapper has dominated the headlines.

It is fair to say that she hasn’t exactly ‘sang’ a song as yet, seeing that she has basically spoken over backing soundtracks, in the pursuit of being the next Jay-Z.

In actual fact, her call-out to crowd of “I say honey, you say G”, went down so well, that she repeated it again the following week.

There seems to be a wave of protestations against her on social media as she rewrote Motown with a unique performance, which bore no resemblance to anything that came out of the Detroit based record label.

Yet, Honey G is still getting the votes to stay in the process, as more ‘talented’ singers bite the dust.

Viewers at home may be dismayed with what they are watching at times but it seems that the world of celebrity have fallen in love with her.

Could it be the endorsement of celebrities that is enabling Honey to beat off her competition?

You’ll be surprised at the wide range of household names that have been touched by a spot of G!

Robbie Williams

Robbie is on the comeback road but that hasn’t stopped him ruining any credibility by supporting the suspect rapper.

Shane Lynch

The Boyzone singer is down with Honey and is backing her to go all the way. Can anyone stop her?

Danny Miller

It may be a difficult time for Danny’s character Aaron in Emmerdale at the moment, but he’s found the perfect way to unwind.

Unless she doesn’t win… then there will be scenes!

Martin Kemp

When it comes to turning music to gold, then there shouldn’t be many better authorities on the matter than Spandau Ballet’s Martin Kemp.

She is even helping with his spelling! Go Honey!

Robbie Savage

If you want to know about musical trends, then listening to a footballer is not often advisable (how can anyone like that many Phil Collins songs?!)

Robbie knows what will get him dancing, after his turn on Strictly and it seems Honey G is hitting the right notes.

Heavy D

Booooom! To be fair, any act on The X Factor that shouts “Boom” is going to prick the ears of Celebrity Big Brother star Heavy D.

Maybe all those that have a single letter surname think they should stick together.

Danielle Harold

EastEnders actress Danielle Harold is keeping it real with what is pumping out of the Old Vic jukebox.

Maybe Honey G is ideal to get that east end knees-up going.

“I say knees, you say up!” Hmmm, maybe not…

Sharon Osbourne

Ultimately, Sharon O is the reason why Honey G is in the live finals.

She brought the rap act to the shows by choosing her at Judge’s Houses and hasn’t looked back since.

David Walliams

There have been plenty of rumours as to who the real Honey G is.

From David Cameron to Karren Brady, there are plenty of look-a-likes out there that could well be just leading a double life.

Fortunately, Britain’s Got Talent judge David Walliams has come forward to put all these stories to bed.

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