Celebrities face backlash as they tell fans who to vote for

People are branding the A-Listers 'narcissistic' as they engage in politics

Emotions are currently running high in the world of politics, and people are making digs at celebrities who want to encourage the public to vote.

Ellie Goulding has posted a photo with the message: “Go and vote” above it.

However, her Twitter followers have slammed the photograph, with one commenting: “You’re a bit overdressed to go to the polling station?”

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Her revealing outfit turned heads, but not in a good way.

Another jokingly said: “Thanks for flashing your chest, I’ll be sure to vote now.”

Oh dear.

Rapper Professor Green has also shared countless photos on his Instagram account, telling his followers to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

Pro told his followers to “get involved” (Credit: Instagram)

The 33-year-old also blamed the press for trying to persuade people to vote Conservative.

He hilariously uploaded a photo of Jeremy Corbyn, as Kurt Cobain and used the hashtag: “#corbynforpm”.

Not long now #corbynforpm #makeyourvotecount

A post shared by Stephen Manderson (@professorgreen) on

He did however, turn his comments off so nobody could voice their own opinion.

Sadie Frost told her 49,000 followers to go and vote labour too.

EastEnders actress Samantha Womack, who played Ronnie Mitchell, urged her Twitter followers to vote Labour.

She wrote: “Young people- VOTE LABOUR and change your future. Stop the greedy from taking everything for themselves. It’s time to take control. #vote”.

Love Island presenter Caroline Flack left it up to the public to choose who to vote for.

Many commented that they totally agreed with the quote she uploaded.

“When you’re not doing so well, vote for a better life for yourself. If you are doing quite nicely, vote for a better life for other,” it read, and was by Irvine Welsh.

Another Easties actor got involved, and Ross Kemp, who used to play Grant Mitchell urged the public to vote Labour.

“If you care about the NHS, about policing, about education and about a future for the many, and not the few get and #VoteLabour today”.

The Apprentice star Lord Alan Sugar and comedian Ricky Gervais uploaded VERY oppposing views on their Twitter accounts.

The TV star wrote: “If you admire or trust me. An East end boy done good by honest graft. For the good of the UK I sincerely advice NOT to vote for Corbyn #TRUSTME”.

Ricky immediately responded and told his followers to do the complete opposite.

The writer and producer Re-tweeted Alan’s tweet and said: “Whether you admire Lord Sugar or not, if you earn less than £70,000 a year, from honest graft, you should definitely vote labour. #TRUSTME”.

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The claws are out!

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