CBB’s Kim Woodburn in almighty dust-up with James Jordan

Someone needed to put him in his place!

Celebrity Big Brother housemates Kim Woodburn and James Jordan are at war after an explosive row which saw them hurling insults at each other.

TV cleaning guru Kim was left in tears after the argument, in which she called James “a fat slob” and he repeatedly told her to go and do “some cleaning or washing up”.

The pair fell out when James woke Irish twins Jedward to settle another disagreement, and Kim told him he should have let them sleep.

Former Strictly star James told Kim to mind her own business but she stormed: “I’m not trying to win like you, and by God are you trying.”

James Jordan (Channel 5)

When James said Kim should go and do some cleaning or washing up, she called him “selfish”, “nasty” and said he was a brilliant dancer who had ruined his career because he “can’t stop being rude”.

Model Nicola McLean also came in for some harsh words from Kim when she tried to defend James.

Kim hollered: “You pacify everyone. Butt out, take sides, be a woman!”

Laughing, James continued to suggest Kim get on with some domestic chores.

“Don’t demean me because I’m a cleaner, you fat slob!” she shouted.

In an attempt to calm things down, model Nicole urged James to go into the garden with her, as a tearful Kim told the other contestants that the dancer had “demeaned” her because of her cleaning career.

Nicola was clearly still smarting after Kim’s comments and joked to James and Jamie O’Hara: “If she comes out here I swear on my life she is head first in that Jacuzzi.”

It was James’s second bust-up in tonight’s instalment of the Channel 5 show.

He and Jamie fell out earlier after Jamie discovered that James had called him “a washed-up footballer” during his time in the Hell house.

James was one of the housemates sent to Hell during Friday night’s show, sentenced to live in basic conditions and battle it out with his fellow contestants to return to the main house.

When he won his place back tonight he found out that Jedward had spilled the beans about him taking a swipe at Jamie’s career.

James claimed he had used the term “washed up” because he assumed housemates who were not in Hell would be watching on a screen and wanted to lay it on thick.

Jamie O'Hara

But Jamie was clearly unimpressed, muttering: “Washed-up footballer, really? OK.”

Jamie later said he was fine with “banter” adding: “You said you haven’t come in here to make friends, but if you come for my career, then we’re gonna have problems.”

There was also trouble for Calum Best and James Cosmo, as both found themselves shown the door and marched off to Hell.

Model Calum was given his marching orders by James, who was able to pick someone to take his place in the other house.

Calum best

Game Of Thrones actor James was banished at the hands of Jedward, after they also escaped Hell.