CBB’s Kim Woodburn claims Nicola McLean ‘would’ve stabbed her’

Being back in the real world hasn't cooled the animosity

The fall out from Celebrity Big Brother is beginning to ratchet up a few levels.

Kim Woodburn and Nicola McLean were not exactly bosom buddies in the house and it seems that their ‘beef’ is continuing now that they are back in the real world.

Queen of clean – 74-year-old Kim – has gone on the attack, with some astonishing claims.

She has said that she worried for her life in the house during the regular bust-ups with Nicola.

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It is fair to say that what happened in the house, is definitely going to continue now they’re out of the house.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Kim said: “Nicola could start a row in an empty house.

“She is an evil little beggar. She was smiling while she said the vilest things about me.

“She made it clear I either toed the line or she’d put me through hell.

“I never felt unsafe because they all wanted to win – that was my saving grace.

“Nicola knew if there was any violence she was out and so did all the others.

“But Nicola would have stabbed me if she could have.

“You know what I’m saying.

“I hope the day will never come when I am in the same room as her again.”

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The pair certainly had some fiery exchanges whilst in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

The day before the final, Nicola hit back after Kim called her out for the glamour model past that Nicola had.

At the time, Nicola shouted: “I’m just done!

“She’s a nasty f***ing b***h. She’s so condescending and arrogant and aggressive.

“The names she calls me, I don’t understand how she is allowed to stand there and be that f***ing aggressive.

“I never want to see her again. Don’t f***ing talk to me. Don’t look at me.

“I f***ing dislike you and your f****ing hairpiece.”

Let’s just say, there’s some way to go before Kim and Nicola think about exchanging Christmas cards.

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