CBB star ‘ditched’ from new series over bigoted comments

A six-figure sum was going to be paid to get them in the house

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You know when a new series of Celebrity Big Brother is going to start on Channel 5 because reports of a housemate being thrown off the show before is starts come to the surface.

It is no different this time around either.

The new series is due to start on Tuesday and one of the ‘stars’ lined up to enter the house has been dropped after racist and transphobic comments on social media were exposed.

Model Jasmine Lennard was all ready to return to the CBB house but her views on Twitter about Muslims and Caitlyn Jenner have led to Channel 5 withdrawing their six-figure contract.

Her tweets are now under investigation.

One read, “All Muslims may not be terrorists but all terrorists are Muslim.”

While another about Caitlyn having gender reassignment read: “Call me old fashioned, call me ignorant whatever you like you know i’m an honest person and i really can’t pretend that i think that’s ok on any level.”

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Sources close to Jasmine have questioned the decision.

They point out that the comments have been out there, so why have show bosses changed their minds now?

It has been intimated that Jasmine is being used as a scapegoat.

Speaking to The Sun, a source said: “It seems crazy that they would have invested that much effort if they were not aware she had sparked Twitter controversies over the last few years.

“They’ve been asked countless times to clarify what exactly the remarks are but have refused.

“The show is locked in a legal battle with Jasmine who feels they are using the remarks as a scapegoat for another reason and that they should honour their agreement and pay the money.”

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The Channel 5 show is often shrouded in controversy.

The last series saw Christopher Biggins removed from the house for ‘causing offence’ to other housemates and viewers with some of his remarks.