CBB: SIX people are up for double eviction in tomorrow’s live show

Imagine the state of the house right now...

Bianca Gascoigne, Jedward and Jessica Cunningham join Spencer and Heidi Pratt up for a double eviction on Celebrity Big Brother on Friday night.

The blonde-haired beauty has been at the centre of controversy after embarking on a new romance with fellow housemate Jamie O’Hara, despite having a boyfriend outside of the house, and was nominated by Jedward for that reason.

The nominations were done in an unusual way, with each housemate given a giant playing card with either nominate, save or a picture of a joker on it.

The nominate card meant they could put someone up for eviction, the save card meant they could make someone immune from eviction and the joker card meant they could do nothing.

After Jedward chose Bianca, Coleen Nolan opted to nominate The Apprentice star Jessica with her card, while Bianca unsurprisingly chose to use her save card on Jamie.

“I need to make it up to you, and I’d hope that you don’t mind me saving you,” she said. “I’m just really sorry about everything that’s happened, and I just hope we can obviously just be cool.”

It remains to be seen how Bianca and Jamie’s relationship will develop, given that they both told each other they loved one another while kissing and cuddling in bed prior to the revelation about her boyfriend.

And on Wednesday night, Jamie left Bianca’s bed at 2am and headed to the Diary Room, telling Big Brother he was thrown by her behaviour.

“I was starting to open up and be myself,” he explained. “Then she did that to me – I feel a bit betrayed, but my head is spinning, so I might feel better in the morning. Who knows.”

Jedward were the last to be nominated, and were put up by Nicola McLean for causing such mischief in the house.

Two housemates will be going home on Friday night, in a double eviction.

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