CBB: Nicola McLean hiding serious medical condition from housemates

This explains a few things...

Nicola McLean is reportedly in need of emergency corrective surgery on her eye.

The Celebrity Big Brother star has developed a sensitivity to light which is giving her awful headaches.

According to The Sun, she sought medical attention just before entering the house after developing a wandering eye.

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“She can’t control her eye, it keeps going off in all different directions and wandering towards her nose – it causes her terrible migraines,” said a source.

“She suffers from light sensitivity which is why she wears dark glasses in the morning and evening, and she has to wear special contacts with dark lenses throughout the day.

“This is only a recent development but the eye surgeon has warned her that she may soon need surgery to sort it all out.”

A spokesperson for the former WAG told the paper: “Nicola visited an eye surgeon last month before discovering she suffers from light sensitivity.”

Aw, poor Nic!

In Thursday night’s instalment of the reality show, Nicola was filmed chatting to housemate Jamie O’Hara about Bianca supposedly wanting to leave the CBB house because of everyone finding out she has a boyfriend.

She told Jamie: “I don’t think B slept a wink. She doesn’t know whether to walk or not…”

The footie star replied: “Did she think it wasn’t going to come out? I really feel for her but I’ve also got to look out for me.”

“It brings a headline…” he added, telling Nicola that it would give Bianca more attention!

Later on in the day, Bianca told her that she felt really “exhausted” and that she didn’t want to cause drama for Jamie on the outside.

Nic certainly wasn’t holding back, and got brutally honest with Gazza’s step-daughter.

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“You’re the one who has made the mistake, he didn’t know,’ she said.

Jamie was having a heart-to-heart with Nicola in the evening and said: “I feel like I’ve been put in a situation in the outside… she hasn’t been 100 per cent truthful.

“She should of said, ‘I’ve got a fella,’… I’m a bit p***ed off, I don’t need that s**t. Tell me straight. I’ve been put in a situation.”

Oh you guys! Bianca wants to be with YOU, Jamie.

C’mon, just let it go.

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