CBB: Kim Woodburn breaks down as her husband calls the house

A softer side of the fiery housemate is revealed - finally

Viewers will get to see an entirely different side to Kim Woodburn in the latest Celebrity Big Brother task.

The How Clean Is Your House star has properly stirred up this year’s series and been part of pretty much every argument in the house.

But CBB bosses have made Kim cry…

In a task airing on Channel 5 tonight, the 74-year-old is forced to choose between talking to her husband on the phone and her loyalty to the housemates – and she breaks down.

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Fans of the show will see her weeping as the phone begins to ring with her husband at the other end of the line.

Kim sobs and wipes away tears, as she is forced with the difficult decision of whether to answer and talk to him or ignore it and win the task.

Oh, these CBB bosses are just cruel!

As the task is introduced tonight, housemates are told they are going to enter different scenarios where they will be tempted.

If they are to win the task they cannot touch anything. Their reward will be a luxury shopping budget.

We’ll have to wait until 9pm tonight to find out if Kim, or anyone else, falls prey to their temptation.

One housemate that seemed confused over it all was Stacy Francis, as she just could not understand why she was so upset, seeing as she’s only been in the house ten days.

During her volatile time in the CBB house, Kim has squared off against most of her housemates – particularly Stacy Francis, who was evicted earlier this week.

The American singer has admitted she understands a little more why Kim is so angry, after learning about her tragic past.

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A very young Kim gave birth to a stillborn baby and buried it in a park.

Talking about finding out, Stacy said: “When I came out just now my family did give me some information about Kim that I wasn’t aware of. Something very sad happened to her. It gives me more sympathy for her as a woman, do you know what I mean?

“To know that she’s been through such a hard time in her life…

“I have to say, now I have this information about her, I have a lot more empathy for her.”

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