CBB: EIGHT housemates face eviction this week!

Only THREE of them are definitely safe

Calum Best, Bianca Gascoigne and James Cosmo are the only housemates safe from eviction on this week’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Anyone who received any nominations, even if it was just one, was put up for eviction.

Bianca and Calum were the only ones to escape nomination, so joined James, who was previously given eternal immunity, in being safe from the axe.

The eight remaining housemates – Nicola McLean, Spencer and Heidi Pratt, Jamie O’Hara, Kim Woodburn, Jedward, Jessica Cunningham, Stacy Francis and Coleen Nolan – are all on the chopping block in Tuesday night’s show.

Bianca is no doubt hoping that her fledgling romance with Jamie can be given a proper chance with the footballer not being shown the door.

While Jamie previously told the blonde beauty he didn’t want her to have to deal with all his “s**t” – namely his divorce from Danielle Lloyd – it seems he had a change of heart as pictures of the pair kissing and cuddling in bed have emerged.

It’s not the first time the couple have kissed, having previously had a smooch in the toilets, but it’s the first time they have done so out in the open.

It comes after Jamie told Bianca he wants to continue exploring their feelings for one another in the outside world, telling her: “When we get out of here, I want something for me and you.”

However, Jamie also threw something of a spanner in the works when he told his fellow housemates that he had had a sex dream about married mother-of-two Nicola.

“I was banging Nic. I woke up like, wow!,” he said, as he sat with Nicola and Coleen.

Nicola attempted to laugh the awkward revelation off, replying: “I’m glad I know that I make people happy in their dreams.”

And Jamie replied: “Yes, totally. It was weird, I remember it like thoroughly. The full works, f***ing hell.”