Dan Osborne in Celebrity Big Brother

Dan Osborne opens up about arguments with Jacqueline Jossa

He prefers to avoid arguments than face confrontation

Dan Osborne gave further insight into his marriage with Jacqueline Jossa on the latest episode of Celebrity Big Brother.

The former TOWIE star, 27, spoke to some of his housemates about rowing with Jacqueline and how mistakes he’d made earlier in life meant he walked away from confrontation rather than addressing the problem.

Dan Osborne and Jacqueline Jossa, Chloe Sims Video Blog Launch, 2015
Jacqueline and Dan have been together since 2014 (Credit: Splashnews)

Dan said: “When our marriage started going wrong, my reaction was to avoid the arguments. I hate arguing.”

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He went on to say past arguments with an ex-partner had been so “toxic” they’d put him off ever wanting to row again.

The reality star famously lost his job on TOWIE after a phone call between him and his ex was leaked in which he made threats towards her.

Dan Osborne in Celebrity Big Brother
Dan spoke to housemates including Kirstie Alley, Roxanne Pallett and Ryan Thomas (Credit: Channel 5)

Dan told the house: “When I argued with my ex  we were toxic and It was horrible arguments and I regret every one of them and I honestly decided in my heart never will anyone get me angry again.

“My wife, could be shouting at me and going crazy at me and calling me things and I’d say, ‘I’m going to go the gym, I’m gonna do some weights and be back in a bit.’

Dan Osborne in Celebrity Big Brother
Dan said he chose to ignore arguments rather than face them (Credit: Channel 5)

“And she would be like, ‘It’s so frustrating…’ like she almost wanted a big argument to let it all out and I don’t give her that.”

Dan alluded to the leaked phone call with his ex when he added: “It was a lesson I learned and it took my career away. Honestly, everything. Those arguments with my ex, they were bad. I said the wrong things and when you’re angry…

Dan Osborne in Celebrity Big Brother
Dan said toxic rows with his ex had made him wary of confrontation (Credit: Channel 5)

“It’s only ever been her that knows how to push my buttons. It was bad, a horrible time in my life. Now, I couldn’t imagine myself ever getting like that. Never with anyone in the world. I don’t react like that anymore. It’s changed me massively.

“Jacqueline’s like, ‘You don’t even argue back.’ I didn’t help the situation at all and I only realise that now. Instead of sitting down and having a conversation with her like a man, I go out. I don’t want to argue and don’t even have the conversation. I’m gone.”

Jacqueline Jossa and Dan Osborne wedding day
Jacqueline and Dan married last year (Credit: Instagram @jacjossa)

Dan and Jacqueline began dating in 2014 and married last year.

They have two children: three-year-old daughter Ella and baby Mia, who was born just a few weeks before Dan entered the CBB house. Dan’s also dad to son Teddy, four, from a previous relationship.

The couple went through a rocky patch ahead of Mia’s birth which led to Dan moving out of their marital home, but he hinted before CBB began that they were back on track and getting on well.

Dan Osborne with daughters Ella and Mia
Dan with his daughters Ella and Mia (Credit: Instagram @danosborneofficial)

In a recent chat with housemates, the star said Mia’s birth had been a catalyst to bring them back together again.

“Once we had Mia, we started getting on,” he said.

“That’s the one thing with  Jacqueline. Usually when you’re with someone you go through a bad time and then you sort of lose that attraction to them. I’ve never lost that attraction to her, do you know what I mean?”

While Dan is in CBB, Jacqueline has been enjoying a holiday abroad with her loved ones.

She has not directly addressed his time in the CBB house or any comments he’s made, but she did allude to the messages of support she’s received from fans yesterday.

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Alongside a photo of her in the sunshine, Jacqueline posted on Instagram: “Sometimes it’s okay not to be okay. Sometimes you have to wear your hat and be done with it 💁🏼‍♀️💃🏻(I have worn this hat a lot I’m becoming obsessed but I feel it’s not okay for an England Sainsbury’s shop… 👀 )

“Thanks for all the lovely messages and support. I’m having lots of family time and currently cuddling my princess Mia and debating weather I can fit a nap in (sic).”

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