Catherine Tyldesley

Catherine Tyldesley trolled over video of her son Alfie shouting ‘Fat Cath’

She had been showing fans a cut-out from when she was overweight

Actress Catherine Tyldesley has had to defend herself on social media after sharing a video of her son shouting “Fat Cath!”

On Instagram, the former Coronation Street star posted a clip to show fans an old cardboard cut-out of herself from before she lost lots of weight.

What happens in Cath’s video?

Catherine Tyldesley
Catherine Tyldesley’s son, Alfie, calls her carboard cut-out “Fat Cath” (Credit:

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In the video, shared on Thursday (June 10), Cath’s husband Tom Pitfield says from behind the camera, “What’s this?” and she holds up the cut-out.

At the sight of it, Tom jokingly says, “Jesus! Wow” and their son, five-year-old Alfie, bursts out, “Fat Cath!”

The actress preempted negative comments in the caption of the video, where she wrote: “When you find your old self hiding in the garage… #fatcath

“To anyone about to jump on a high horse – I’m calling myself ‘fat’ because I was. I was greedy. I ate junk. I was unhealthy. Curves are beautiful… I love mine.

“But there’s no skirting around the fact that at this point in MY life, I considered myself ‘fat’. Ffs.”

However, that didn’t stop the comments.

How did people react?

One wrote: “Thinking it’s okay to let a child laugh at fat people. Gosh, you’re unbelievable.”

Cath responded: “He’s not laughing at ‘fat people’. He’s got a great sense of humour and is old enough to recognise that mummy is taking the mick out of herself.

He’s not laughing at ‘fat people’.

“He’s also aware that the country is in an obesity crisis and looks up to the fact that mummy has been helping complete strangers lose weight free of charge for seven years.”

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Someone else wrote: “You were overweight and yes… but I still have a problem at your husband’s ‘ugh’ reaction and your kid shouting ‘fat Cath’. It’s not good. To say ‘ugh’ to someone because they are overweight is wrong.”

Another worried she was encouraging Alfie to potentially laugh at others of a similar size to her former self. A fourth commented: “Not sure this is what you should be calling your old self in front of your son.”

Alfie taught ‘everything’s beautiful’

Catherine Tyldesley
Cath was on last year’s series of Strictly Come Dancing (Credit:

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Cath argued that Alfie is “taught everything is beautiful”, adding: “He is also taught about correct nutrition and exercise to prevent early death.”

Despite the comments, plenty thought Alfie was hilarious is the video. One wrote with two laughing-crying emojis, “Your boy shouting ‘fat Cath'” and another laughed, “Alfie kills me”.

Someone else commended her: “Wow! You have done so well to get to where you are now! And good for you for being honest about how you felt about yourself.”

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