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Catherine Tyldesley shares anger over ‘mum-shaming’ remark

She was left speechless by the person's tweet

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Catherine Tyldesley has responded to a Twitter user who questioned her parenting.

The Coronation Street actress, 34, is mum to three-year-old son Alfie, whom she has with her personal trainer husband Tom Pitfield.

One fellow Twitter user contacted Catherine after seeing a photo of her posing for a magazine photoshoot.

Catherine insisted she’s a “brilliant mum” to her son Alfie (Credit: Instagram)

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The person wrote: “Why do you feel the need to post pics and selfies of yourself online? You area mother and a responsible adult.

“How do you have time to have photo shoots etc? Don’t you feel guilty seeking self gratification while your child is at home without their mother?”

The user then claimed they weren’t “trying to mum shame at all”, adding they would say the same “to anyone doing the same where they are a mum or dad”.

Catherine replied: “Wow… I mean I’m speechless. Is it 1950?? Mum shaming??? Really???

“I have no need to justify or explain my actions to you or anyone. So much for parents empowering and supporting each other. May your heart find joy and gratitude. Blessings.”

In another tweet, Catherine said she sees her son “every day” and “wakes up with him and puts him to bed almost every night”.

She continued: “I am a BRILLIANT mum. He is testament to that. Like so many other women out there doing their BEST for their families.”

Following Cath’s response, the follower apologised to the actress for their comments.

They replied: “I’m sure he is an amazing wonderful little man. Point taken. I wouldn’t like people judging my life so I apologise.

“I’m too far the other way. If I could quit work and spend 24/7 with my Son I would. I hate only seeing him mornings and evenings. Good luck with your future.”

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Catherine often keeps her fans updated with her son’s milestones and achievements.

And earlier this month, the star revealed that her little boy is getting ready to start pre-school next month.

She posted a throwback pic of herself and Alfie when he was younger as she give him a kiss.

Reflecting on how quick Alfie is growing up, Catherine captioned the post: “#throwback #Alfie… where has time gone?? Can’t believe my lil dude starts pre-school next month.”

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