Catherine Tyldesley in vaccine row

Catherine Tyldesley backed by fans as she slams ‘outrageous’ news COVID jab is ‘safe’ for kids

It's been approved for use in young teenagers

Viewpoint star Catherine Tyldesley has hit out at the news the Pfizer vaccine is safe for use in 12 to 15 year olds.

Earlier today, it was revealed that the drug has been approved for use in young teens.

It’s said to be “safe and effective” when it comes to protecting against COVID-19.

However, it doesn’t appear as if mum-of-one Catherine is entirely on board with the idea of vaccinating kids with the COVID jab.

Catherine Tyldesley in vaccine row
Catherine Tyldesley hits out as the Pfizer vaccine is ruled safe for use in children (Credit: Splash News)

What did Catherine Tyldesley say about the COVID vaccine?

Catherine replied to a tweet from Kate Silverton.

It quoted a BBC article relaying the news that the vaccine had been approved for use in teens.

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Kate said: “My Question: How can we know it is ‘safe and effective’ for children when there is no long-term safety data?”

Children are NOT dying from COVID… it’s outrageous to suggest it’s ‘safe’.

Catherine quoted the tweet and responded: “Correct!! They don’t know! No data = no knowledge.”

She added: “Worth looking at the fatalities and injuries from child trials in USA. Children are NOT dying from COVID… it’s outrageous to suggest it’s ‘safe’.”

Catherine has a six-year-old son, Alfie, with husband Tom Pitfield.

So what did Catherine’s fans say?

On the whole, Catherine’s fans agreed with her sentiments.

One said: “They have approved this one without one glaring bit of data the long-term health effects which most people with half a brain think is very very important when being asked to inject our children.”

Another added: “Thank you @Cath_Tyldesley for speaking up. As a parent I’m terrified they’ll override consent and inject my boy. We need to stop this.”

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A third said: “Thank you and keep going. I’m making a list of celebs who’ve made a stand during this and I’ll support their work only. Everyone should do the same. Ps the list is pretty short.”

Others admitted they “totally agree” with what Catherine posted.

“Thanks for highlighting this Catherine, we need more with the guts to speak up.

“It’s ludicrous to vaccinate children when the risk to them is so low. It almost feels like it’s more about profit to big pharmaceutical companies than health now,” said another.

“Come on girls,” said another. “Let’s protect our freedoms and children!!”

Catherine Tyldesley in vaccine row
Some did hit out at Catherine, though (Credit: Splash News)

‘Stick to acting – you’re not a scientist’

However, not everyone agreed with Catherine, and one follower called her a “moron”.

They said: “Oh stick to acting you moron! You know nothing! You’re an actor, not a scientist!”

Another pointed out that regulators had conducted trials with kids in the age group and it is safe.

They said: “They did look at trials of this age group. Multiple health agencies have come to the same conclusion, it is safe.

“The results from clinical trials are there for you to read.”

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