Casualty viewers left stunned as character killed in violent attack

Favourite Cal was brutally stabbed

Fans of hospital drama Casualty have been complaining of broken hearts following a shock death in the programme.

Cal, played by Richard Winsor, was stabbed to death by an angry relative who believed his father’s passing was the fault of striking doctors.

Rob died protecting his brother Ethan (Credit: BBC)

Killer Scott Ellison had been planning to target Cal’s brother Ethan (George Rainsford), but Cal stepped in to try to stop the attack and ended up being fatally injured himself.

His colleagues tried desperately to save his life but he had lost too much blood.

The Ellison family were devastated by the death of their loved one (Credit: BBC)

Viewers found the storyline particularly tragic as the brothers had only just put aside their love rivalry over fellow medic Alicia (Chelsea Halfpenny).

The BBC drama had trailed that tragedy was in store but had placed a red herring with Lily (Crystal Yu) suffering an accident in the car park.

Lily’s life was hanging in the balance after being run down (Credit: BBC)

Meanwhile, the serial drama has revealed it will be airing a special episode filmed in a single take.

Filmed in real time, it will be a fly-on-the-wall look at daily life in the emergency department.

The ambitious episode will be at the end of the 30th series to celebrate the anniversary of the monumental run.

Called ‘One’, it will focus on nurse Duffy as she shows two teenage girls, Chloe and Diamond, who are on work experience around the hospital. It’s set to show the highs and lows of the running of the ED.

Duffy’s at the centre of the Casualty special (Credit: BBC)

Although it won’t be shown to viewers live, a single camera will follow Duffy around and keep running throughout, meaning it’s as close to live as you can get without actually being live, and there is no room for error.

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We’ll even see them attempt to move into an ambulance seamlessly, and there’s set to be 360 degree shots involved, with sound coming from 40 hidden radio microphones.

Cathy Shipton plays Duffy and she’s spoken about how excited she is to lead this very special episode.

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“It’s so exciting and nerve-wracking to be working on this episode and unlike anything any of us cast or crew have ever attempted.

“It’s a brilliant fly-on-the-wall episode in real time, placing nurses central in the storyline. It will become a classic Casualty.”

Series producer Erika Hossington said: “This special episode will give the audience a unique insight into an hour in A&E. It will be an intense, emotional hour in which staff and patients are faced with life-changing events.

The team will face their toughest production challenge (Credit: BBC)

“We want to reflect the front line in its unedited, rawest form, and this one shot episode, with a brilliant script from Casualty creator Paul Unwin, has given us the opportunity to do that.”

The show had previously ruled out a completely live show due to the constraints of not being able to do a traditional Casualty stunt.

But with cast and crew all keen to do something a bit different, the producers promised something special.