Casualty SPOILER: Will Robyn’s baby DIE?

It's a terrifying time for the new mum

The birth of her premature daughter in a graveyard had Casualty nurse Robyn Miller fearing for her little girl’s life.

And as Charlotte fights for survival in the neonatal intensive care unit, Robyn struggles to cope. Is her baby going to pull through?

It was a horror scenario for Robyn when she went into labour during a storm while trying to help her friend David Hide, who was having an episode after coming off his bipolar medication.

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As he insisted on delivering her child, Robyn gave birth, but the baby was cold and not crying. As Robyn told him something was wrong, she fell unconscious, leaving viewers fearing for both and and her daughter’s lives.

Fortunately, Charlie and Dylan found them and got them to the hospital, but with fans relieved Robyn was okay, the fate of her baby was still unknown.

In Saturday’s episode, Robyn prepares to visit Charlotte in the neonatal intensive care unit for the first time.

Robyn can’t cope with the seriousness of the tiny tot’s condition and struggles to hold it together.

She turns to her friends for support, but will they be able to help her through this?

Speaking to Digital Spy about what’s to come, actress Amanda Henderson, who plays Robyn, revealed:

“The baby is six weeks premature and hasn’t been born into the best of circumstances.

“Robyn has spent the last seven and a half months carrying this baby and thinking ‘this is my world, this is all I am going to have now’. As soon as the baby is in jeopardy, Robyn’s whole world is just crumbling in front of her.”

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But will things get easier for her – or is it only set to get harder as Charlotte fights for her life?

“I can’t say if it is going to get easier or not as that gives too much away,” Amanda teased.

“But she is not going to have the smoothest of rides in the slightest. I would like her to be really happy and settle down, but that wouldn’t make a drama, would it?”

And if the baby does pull through, will Robyn be a good mum?

“She would do anything for others and I think she is the nicest person ever,” admits Amanda. “But if the baby survives, it is whether she can cope with the stress of being a single mum. That still remains to be seen.”

We’ve got everything crossed for a happy ending for Robyn and her little girl, but we think it might be a long time coming.