Casualty SPOILER: Charlie jilts Duffy at the altar?

We've waited 30 years for this, don't ruin it now!

It’s the wedding of the year in the Casualty calendar as fan favourites Charlie and Duffy’s big day finally arrives.

But with no sign of the groom, is the ceremony going to go ahead at all?

After nearly three decades of will-they-won’t-they, it’s taken quite a lot to get them to the altar.

So the news they might not actually get wed, isn’t something we’re particularly happy about!

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On the morning of the wedding, Duffy finds herself working as the hospital is short-staffed and she’s roped in to help.

She’s also trying to write her vows, while get hold of fiancé Charlie, who’s not answering his phone.

But what Duffy doesn’t know is Charlie’s gone missing on his stag do on Barry Island…

“[Duffy] interprets Charlie’s silence as him having second thoughts about the wedding,” actress Cathy Shipton revealed to Inside Soap this week.

What she doesn’t know is Charlie’s without his phone and no one knows where he is. So while the lads run around trying to find him, the girls back at the hospital try to keep her distracted with a little hen do in the staff room.

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But the time soon comes for Duffy to get into her wedding finery, and as she waits at the altar for her groom to arrive, it’s not looking good for the wedding going ahead.

Will Charlie make it to the chapel on time? Or is Duffy set for heartbreak?

It’s all this suspense and tension that scooped them the National Television Award for Best Drama last week.

And with this being Casualty, very rarely does a wedding go ahead without some major catastrophe, so we’re not so sure it’s going to be a happy ending.

Fingers crossed we’re wrong.