Casualty releases drama packed summer trailer

It looks like it's going to be a tough few months for Ethan

Fans are currently having Casualty withdrawal symptoms as the show takes a break, but it’s whet viewers’ appetites with what’s to come when it returns this summer.

The show has released a trailer which features all it’s major upcoming storylines.

The main focus is on a struggling Ethan, who’s dealing with the aftermath of brother Cal’s stabbing. It’s clear he’s not coping as he tries to come to terms with it.

Cal was stabbed by Scott Ellison, who was actually going after Ethan. He believed Ethan had put the care of Lily before Scott’s father, who subsequently died.

Blaming Ethan for his dad’s death, Scott went after him, but ended up stabbing Cal, who later died.

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As the staff gather for his funeral, Dylan is seen questioning his abilities as a medic as he couldn’t save Cal’s life.

But it’s Ethan who’s finding it the hardest as we start to see a darker side to him emerge.

With his colleagues and friends around him urging him to let it drop as it’s consuming him, Charlie Fairhead is heard saying:

“Ethan’s grieving, people do strange things, but he’s not dangerous.”

However Alicia Munroe doesn’t agree as she’s seen saying to Ethan:

“You’re determined to finish this, no matter who you destroy to get even.” Is Ethan’s quest for revenge going to result in more casualties?

Either way, it looks like Alicia’s right as Ethan is later seen at Cal’s grave sobbing: “I don’t know who I am. Please help me.”

Can anyone pull him through his grief?

Elsewhere in the trailer, it looks like Iain and Lily’s budding romance is moving further on, and there’s definitely a a spark still between Connie and her ex, Sam.

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He’s not particularly popular with the other staff members as he’s cutting jobs and making life difficult, but as the former couple share a look, could they be considering reigniting that flame and getting back together?