Caroline Flack shuts down Eamonn’s probing questions

The Love Island presenter says she is dating again but is keeping her lips sealed

You’d think presenting a show called Love Island would mean you’d be pretty happy to talk about all things of the heart!

But not for ITV2 presenter Caroline Flack.

When it comes to her own love life, it appears that she likes to keep her lips well and truly sealed.

Caroline Flack revealed recently she had started dating again (Credit: FameFlynet)

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The former Strictly winner revealed recently that she was back in the dating game and was seeing a chap.

However, the spoil sport refused to say who, sparking rumours she was seeing someone in the public eye.

So when the secretive miss appeared on This Morning today, cheeky Eamonn Holmes couldn’t resist quizzing her about her love life.

Eamonn couldn’t resist probing Caroline for info on her love life (Credit: ITV)

But Flackers wasn’t happy about being probed, in spite of the fact that’s exactly what she does with the contestants on Love Island.

Irritated, she snapped, “Eamonn! I’m not here to talk about that!”

Caroline snapped that she wasn’t on telly to talk about her love life (credit: ITV)

Eamonn then pointed out to her that she had previously said she had been on a self-prescribed “relationship rehab”, but Caroline wasn’t biting and refused to let slip any details on the man currently putting a smile on her face.

All she offered was: “I had a little break, but we’re not here to talk about that, I knew you’d do that!”

Eamonn waved a copy of the Daily Star at her and said she was all over the news (credit: ITV)

Unimpressed by her reluctance to be honest about her relationship, Eamonn cheekily held up a copy of that morning’s Daily Star and said: “Well she’s in all the papers today.”

So who could Cazza be smooching?

The pretty presenter has a great track record of hot fellas and dated some rather high profile names.

There was Harry Styles…. She dated him while she was on the Xtra Factor when he was just 17 and she was 14 years older.

Caroline dated Harry Styles when he was just 17 (Credit: FameFlynet)

She also enjoyed a romantic liaison with gorgeous Prince Harry and revealed afterwards that she was devastated when she had been described by some wicked folks as his “bit of rough”.

Back in January she split from British artist Blue Logan and decided to go cold turkey from men.

“I’ve actually only just started dating again, because I did a year-long relationship detox, which I started at the end of 2015,” she told Cosmo.

“It wasn’t like I planned it or told people, I just woke up one morning and decided to give up for a month so I could focus on other things.

Caroline split from artist Blue Logan in January (credit: Instagram)

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“Since my twenties I had moved from one relationship to the next. Never had I given myself time to heal.

“Something had to change. Essentially, I put myself into relationship rehab.”

But in spite of the self-imposed detox, she also told the mag that she was back dating.

“I’m dating again now,” she said. “maybe I’ve already [met someone]… Let’s just say, I’m in a brilliant place.”

We’ll find out who you’re seeing eventually, Caroline. Just you wait and see.

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