Caroline Flack's mum

Caroline Flack: Star’s mum reveals daughter was ‘frightened public would find out she was vulnerable’

TV star Caroline took her own life earlier this year

Caroline Flack’s mum has revealed it was a struggle to get through to her daughter about the positives in her life.

Late Love Island host Caroline died in February after taking her own life.

She died weeks before she was due to stand trial for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend, Lewis Burton, in December 2019.

Her mum Christine has reflected on how Caroline ‘couldn’t hear’ as her family tried to communicate about certain issues.

Caroline Flack Love Island
Caroline Flack died in February this year (Credit: Grant Buchanan /

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And she has also told a reporter how Caroline would disapprove of her being too critical of TV personalities.

Christine said during an interview with ITV Anglia that she tried to remind Caroline about the good things she had.

I think when someone is in that place, what we say isn’t being heard.

However, she explained that her words weren’t taken in because of Caroline’s condition.

Christine said: “We tried to talk to [Caroline] and say you’ve got this fabulous career and you’ve got a nice home.

Christine Flack speaks with a reporter (Credit: ITV Anglia)

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“But actually, that doesn’t matter, because that isn’t how they feel. I think when someone is in that place, what we say isn’t being heard.”

Caroline Flack ‘frightened’

Christine went on to reveal Caroline feared being targeted if viewers knew about how she felt.

“She was always frightened that the public would find out that she was vulnerable and she had these dark feelings,” Christine added.

Christine added how her daughter would tell her off for blasting celebs.

She admitted the admonishment caused her to reflect on her actions.

Caroline Flack ‘didn’t hear’ her mum (Credit: W8Media /

Christine continued: “I used to sit with Caroline and watch television, the same as everybody else, and I would say, ‘Oh I don’t like them’.

“And she’d say: ‘Mum, you don’t even know them.’ It made me stop and think, no I don’t.

“We judge people and we don’t know them. We don’t know what they’re going through.”

At the inquest into her daughter’s death, Christine accused police and prosecutors of “having it in” for the TV star.

Christine said in a statement: “I believe [Caroline] was seriously let down by the authorities and particularly by the CPS.

“I believe this was a show trial. I feel the prosecutor was unkind to Caroline and my family.”

She also hit out at Lewis Burton over the summer after he was photographed with Lottie Tomlinson.

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