Caroline Flack AGREES with criticism levelled at her show Love Island…

At least she's honest!

While Love Island is set on the beautiful island of Majorca, it’s safe to say that most people don’t watch the ITV2 show to admire the sand and sea.

Let’s face it, the main reason most of us tune in is to look at the eye candy (and even better if they cop off with each other).

However, the show’s presenter Caroline Flack has admitted that Love Island gives girls a false impression of what they could, or should, look like.

In an interview with the Telegraph, the 37-year-old Londoner responded to criticism that the show is portraying an unrealistic body image by saying: “I guess it is, really, isn’t it?

“I have nothing to do with the casting, so I can’t say why they pick certain people, but the type of people who apply are already quite body-confident, I guess.”

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This year’s contestants have included models, personal trainers, dancers and even a motorsport grid girl.

Theo Campbell, from Bath – who has now left the show – was a 400-metre sprinter training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

But, while those six packs and slender thighs provide a more than satisfactory distraction for most viewers, the lack of flab and cellulite hasn’t gone down well with everyone.

Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies are joint favourites to win the show (Credit: ITV)

One critic wrote on Twitter: “I do love #loveisland but next year I’d really like to see them use girls/guys in a variety of sizes.”

Another tweeted: “Watching #LoveIsland & mum comes in saying “this is going to give you entirely unrealistic expectations of how things should be you know.”

Others seemed to find the criticisms more amusing, with one person commenting: “Yeah this show is giving me unrealistic body expectations. Why can’t there be a fat mess I can relate to?”

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The current series of Love Island finally draws to a close on Monday.

It was announced today that Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies are now joint favourites to win the £50,000 prize money, along with Jamie Jewitt and Camilla Thurlow.