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Sunday 9th August 2020

Caroline Flack addresses fans as she prepares to stand trial for assault

She appeared in court this morning

Caroline Flack has thanked fans for their support after a court heard she hit her boyfriend Lewis Burton over the head with a lamp during an alleged altercation at her home on December 12.

Caroline headed to Instagram to say it would be a 'relief' to share her side of the story, following her appearance at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court.

The Love Island host wrote: "Thankfully I know a lot of you will not believe all that you have heard and read following today's court hearing... thank you for your continued support and love.

"It's going to be a relief when I am able to give my side of the story, when I'm allowed to x"

Caroline and Lewis have been an item for most of this year (Credit: Splash)

Earlier today, Caroline broke down in the dock over allegations of an alleged bust-up with boyfriend Lewis earlier this month.

In reference to Lewis Burton's 999 call, prosecutor Ms Weiss said: "He is almost begging the operator to send help."

She continued: "Both were covered in blood and in fact one of the police officers likened the scene to a horror movie.

"He said he had been asleep and was hit over the head by Caroline with a lamp, causing a visible cut to his head."

Ms Weiss added: "She had also smashed a glass and she had sustained an injury.

"Mr Burton said he believed the assault occurred as a result of the defendant taking his phone while he was sleeping... she had seen text messages leading her to believe that he was cheating on her."

Caroline told fans she wants to give her side of the story (Credit: Splash)

Caroline's lawyer Paul Morris interrupted proceedings to tell District Judge Julia Newton that Lewis does not support the prosecution.

"He is not a victim, he is a witness," he said.

When the charge was put to Caroline for a second time, she answered: "Not guilty."

Prosecutor Katie Weiss said: "He is a victim, he sustained a significant injury to his head."

Caroline faces trial at the same court on March 4.