Carol Vorderman is the latest celeb to slam Coronation Street

Bring back the comedy, the star begs

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TV presenter and Corrie fan Carol Vorderman has had a rant about the show on twitter – bemoaning the lack of humour in the iconic soap.

“PUR-LEAZE Father Christmas make Corrie funny again,” the former Countdown star wrote. “the last time I had a laugh watching it was in about September 2016.”

And she pointed out that even formerly funny characters are now gloomy.

Corrie fan Carol isn’t happy with current storylines (Credit: FlameFlyNet)

“Even wonderful Mary is now tragic,” she wrote. Ending with the hashtag #BringBackCorrieComedy.

And it seemed Carol had tapped into the mood of the nation as she tweeted about the show, which has got distinctly darker in recent weeks.

Even Mary is now tragic, says Carol (Credit: ITV)

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“The humour has been lost,” one fan agreed.

There has been lots of misery in Corrie in the past, but right now there seems to be more than ever. Michelle’s money troubles, Robert’s cancer, Mary being accused of hurting her grandson, Leanne being scammed, and Chesney and Sinead’s doomed wedding are all making things feel bleak.

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And the dark, sinister Phelan storyline is the one that most fans are feeling has gone too far.

Lots of fans agreed with Carol that the show has changed from how it used to be with one viewer pointing out that classic Corrie episodes, currently being repeated on ITV3, is making the difference even more obvious.

And another saying the the creator of Corrie, Tony Warren, wouldn’t be enjoying the current plots.

Carol seems to have opened a can of worms, here!