Saucy! Carol Vorderman shocks the nation with relationship secrets

The Countdown star is pretty brutal when it comes to dumping her boyfriends...

Carol Vorderman has shocked the nation with her cheeky relationship secrets…

She has revealed the real reason she doesn’t have a long-term fella!

The sexy Countdown star prefers “a few occasionals” as it suits her independent lifestyle.

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Carol, 55, revealed a particular time that she dumped her man before Christmas and STILL got a decent gift out of it.

While talking to Sam Quek and Scarlett Moffatt, Carol said: “One of my boyfriends, I’d gone off him a bit, and I decided to dump him before Christmas – they always get dumped before Christmas by the way.”

Scarlett asked: “Is that so you don’t have to buy them a present?”

“Christmas time is party time, I don’t think I should say anymore… Anyway, the boyfriend said he was going to leave me a Christmas present anyway.”

She has got this relationship thing down!

Carol added: “In the box was two tickets for a weekend on the Orient Express which I’d never done but I’d like to. I know who I would like to take – someone who is very nice for a few little days here and there.

“Generally I’m a rubbish girlfriend because I’m too independent and not romantic.”

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Scarlett then asked if it was hard for Carol to find men: “It is because if you are a bloke they tend to be high maintenance and they like a lot of attention and I don’t have the time for it so I prefer to have a few.”

Oh, Carol!

She laughed and said: “A few occasionals suits me fine!”

A few days earlier, Carol was chatting to Lisa Snowdon about buying nipple tassels!

Joel Dommett overheard the conversation and got a bit hot under the collar.

Carol’s good friend Claire Sweeney fully approves of Joel and Carol’s flirty relationship: “Carol is a gorgeous woman so it wouldn’t surprise me if he fancied her.”

Hands off Carol! Get in the queue…