Carol Smillie still cross with Phillip Schofield over incontinence ‘revelation’

It happened two years ago but the presenter's still raging

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In the weirdest news you will read today, Carol Smillie is mad at Philip Schofield because he once incorrectly deemed her incontinent on national TV.

Yep, you heard.

“I’d been trying to get on the show for months and they weren’t interested,” Carol, 55, told the newspaper.

But then that changed, and Carol was all set to appear with Phillip and stand-in co-host Amanda Holden.

Carol was seemingly a little ambushed (Credit: ITV)

“Amanda Holden came to my dressing room and told me how brave I was for speaking out. I thought, ‘About what?’.

Yeah, serious alarm bells would be ringing at this point.

“I grabbed a production assistant and asked what was written by my name on the clipboard. He said ‘suffers from incontinence’.

“I freaked and told him to get that off there – but the first thing Phillip did was to announce I was incontinent.”

Schofe! No!

“I was seething but had to gently explain that was not the case. I have never been incontinent,” she said.

Carol got her issues out there in an interview with The Sunday People where she talked about the power of the Google search and how, now, she’s stuck with an association of wetting herself forever.

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“If you Google my name, it comes up with articles on me ‘confessing to my incontinence problem,’” she says.

The confusion probably came from the fact that TV presenter Carol runs a company specialising in discreet, waterproof knickers, Pretty Clever Pants, a product that she was awarded Entrepreneur Of The Year at the Sports Business Innovation Awards for in 2016.

You may well do that face, Schofe (Credit: ITV)

“My business has gone from strength to strength, it’s taken far longer, cost far more and taken far more out of me than I’d ever imagined, but I’m incredibly proud of what I’ve achieved and surprised myself as to what I’m capable of,” Carol wrote in a blog.

While she was on This Morning, Carol did confess to a one-off incident on a trampoline.

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But as she points out, that’s a world away from being incontinent.

“What mum of a certain age hasn’t leaked while on a trampoline?” asks Carol, who has three children.

With Annabel Croft, in possibly the most eighties photo of all time (Credit: Wenn)

“Part of the problem is if you sensationalise it, people won’t want to talk about it and it remains a taboo.”

“All I wanted to do on the sofa was yell at the unfairness of it but I knew a lot of women watching might be incontinent so I had to point out the difference,” said Carol.

Meanwhile, Schofe was last seen in a high-vis vest on an inflatable unicorn in Portugal on his This Morning summer break so he’s probably pretty unfazed by this all kicking off.

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