Carol McGiffin blasts pregnant celebrities in magazine rant

The former Loose Women panellist didn't hold back

Carol McGiffin has expressed her anger towards celebrities that show off their bumps in glossy photo shoots.

The sassy Loose Women star went on a rant about expectant stars need to cover up.

The 57-year-old also shared her annoyance at how celebs document their pregnancies for the whole world to see.

The radio presenter has lashed out at pregnant celebrities (Credit: Wenn)

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Writing in her Best column, she said: “Sorry, but why do Beyoncé and so many other celebrities think anyone is interested in seeing their big, baby filled bellies?”

“It was Demi Moore who started it with her Vanity Fair cover 26 years ago – now you can’t move for A-Z listers all over the place acting as though they are the first women ever to have babies and therefore everyone else needs to see what a pregnant tummy looks like.

Beyonce revealed her pregnancy with twins in an unusual floral photo shoot (Credit: Instagram/Beyonce)

“Well, we don’t, so please just put it away.”

Don’t you just love her honesty?!

Binky Felstead, Amy Childs and Danielle Lloyd, are forever showing off photos of their pregnant belly’s.

Beyonce did it too – and it was the most liked pic on Instagram ever!

Carol is worried that her younger partner might want kids soon (Credit: ITV)

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The outspoken star also said recently that her partner Mark Cassidy, 35, was getting broody after hanging out with his great nephews.

“I joke it’s because there isn’t much of an age difference but I’ve begun to think it might be more than that and I’ve started to worry about him,” Carol revealed.

“What if he has been lying all these years? What if he does really want to be a dad?”

Well, then you’re going to be in trouble, Carol!