Captain Tom Moore trip to Barbados

Captain Tom Moore defended by celebrities over trip to Barbados

Sir Tom visited the Caribbean in December

Captain Sir Tom Moore continues to battle coronavirus in hospital and now celebrities defended him against trolls.

The war veteran, 100, visited Barbados in December, saying at the time the break was on his “bucket list”.

Now, weeks later, Captain Tom has tested positive for coronavirus and is battling the illness in hospital.

Captain Sir Tom Moore is battling coronavirus in hospital (Credit: w8media /

Captain Tom defended over trip to Barbados

In the wake of the news, some trolls have criticised Tom for taking a trip to Barbados despite it being completely legal to do so.

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Now, a string of celebrities have defended the pandemic hero including Phillip Schofield and Denise Welch.

Speaking on Monday’s This Morning, host Phil told trolls to “sod off”.

Phillip Schofield on This Morning
Phil told trolls to “sod off” (Credit: ITV)

Guest Julia Hartley-Brewer: “I’m stunned to see some trolls on social media saying, ‘Oh, if he didn’t go to Barbados!’

“He went on a lovely, warm, perfectly legal Caribbean holiday with his family.”

In addition, she said: “I think that’s absolutely wonderful he did that and nothing whatsoever to do with his ailments now.

“I do think the trolls need to take a day off.”

After that, Phil then exclaimed: “A life off! Just sod off!”

Denise Welch
Denise was among the celebrities defending Captain Tom (Credit: Brett D. Cove /

Meanwhile, Loose Women star Denise has also defended Captain Tom on social media.

She wrote on Twitter: “Omg!! Capt Tom went to Barbados. You were legally allowed to go.

“Stringent tests were required. He’s 100. He’s allowed to do what he bloody well likes within the law.”

In addition, she said: “STOP JUDGING EVERYONE FFS!!!”

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan, who interviewed Tom for an episode of his show Life Stories, also defended the star.

GMB host Piers Morgan
Piers insisted Captain Tom’s visit to Barbados was “perfectly legal” (Credit: Grant Buchanan / /

What did Piers say?

Meanwhile, the star wrote: “Captain Tom, currently battling Covid in hospital, is being attacked on here for going to Barbados with his family when it was perfectly legal to do so.

“He was offered a trip as thanks for raising £39 million for the NHS.

“He helped save Britain in WW2, his trolls shame Britain.”

In addition, Piers’ son Spencer lashed out at the trolls.

He wrote: “The man is literally 100. Got a chance to go on holiday for likely the final time and took it.

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“Prob weighed it up and thought it was better than spending his final days locked up like an animal.”

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