Caprice breaks down on Loose Women as she discusses her tumour

Memories of her life saving op moved her to tears

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Gorgeous model Caprice couldn’t contain her emotions during Friday’s episode of Loose Women.

The 45 year old lingerie model and occasional reality star had joined the ladies-at-lunch to a open up about having a brain tumour.

But as she spoke, memories of her diagnosis became so painful she lost it and brown down in tears.

During the chat she explained how after a minor at accident during practise for The Jump in Austria she began getting minor headaches and had started to see double.

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With a live show for her to take part in that night she merely pushed it to the back of her mind but the show’s producers insisted that she go and see their medics.

‘The doctor was amazing!” Caprice gushed. “He ordered up tonne of tests for me. I had my whole body scanned. A nurse came in and said everything’s fun and I was like ‘okay, but i need to go I have a live show. And she said ‘oh you have to see the neurosurgeon.

“So the neurosurgeon came and in and sat down and said ‘Don’t be alarmed but you have brain tumour.’ And  I was like ‘What are you talking about?'”

The news came as such a shock that she broke down in the arms of one of the show’s production staff who ordered her  to go home and get the medical help she needed.

Back home in London, she found the best neurosurgeon and had her body scanned in its entirety again to see of the tumour had spread.

“I didn’t know if it was cancerous, I was in the dark,” she recalled. “I had my body scanned again and the doctor said it is benign but it’s a grower.”

Caprice then underwent a seven and a half hour operation to stop the tumour.

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But because she didn’t want to alarm any of her family members she told her sons that she was going away for work, but admitted “I didn’t know if I was going to see them again.”

“My first thought was for my two little boys. I’m their rock and keep my family together. It was the scariest moment I’d ever experienced.”

When an image of her post surgery flashed up on a screen behind her, Caprice broke down as she admitted that it was still hard for her to deal with, knowing that she was scared she may not make it.

Now a month after the surgery she wants to embrace the positive aspects of life.

“When something like this happens, you change a lot,” she said. ‘I reassessed everything. I appreciate Life. I have always been a grafter. I built up this life myself. I have been very ambitious and very work work.

“But now I am thinking I don’t care. I am not going to work this hard. I am going to enjoy my children, I am going  to enjoy my life.

“I want to appreciate so much. I took my health so much for granted.

“When something like this happened you have a new joy. Right now I am so appreciative it I wake up and I thank my dad and i thank God!”