Can you guess which TV legend this cheeky youngster grew up to be?

He has presented a variety of different shows

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A super sweet photo of one of our favourite presenters has emerged.

The young lad grew up to be one of the most hilarious daytime hosts and is often referred to as his nickname – The Silver Fox.

Have you guessed who this youngster grew up to be?

The star grew up to be a successful TV personality (Credit: ITV)

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The snap is of This Morning’s Phillip Schofield!

In the photo Phil gave a cheeky grin as he posed in his school uniform for his first day at school – how cute!

Phil, 55, wins over viewers with his amusing antics on the daytime show and is best known for being part of one of the nation’s favourite presenting duos with co-star Holly Willoughby.

Did you guess it was Phil? (Credit: IDS)

The star shared the adorable photo on This Morning back in 2015.

To celebrate the first day back on the show after the school holidays, Phil shared the throwback snap and Holly, 36, couldn’t believe her eyes – in fact, she wasn’t convinced the photo was of Phil.

The mother-of-three asked: “Are you sure that’s you?

“That just doesn’t look like you. Even if you put silver hair on you; I just can’t see you in there.”

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Confirming the photo was actually of him, Phil added: “Eventually I grew into my teeth.”

Meanwhile, this week the presenter had the show’s viewers in fits of laughter after downing a shot of tequila live on air.

Britain’s Got Talent contestant Matt Edwards appeared and brought a bottle of tequila on set with him as part of his magic trick.

And of course Holly and Phil didn’t turn down the offer of a shot.

The duo had viewers in hysterics after downing tequila live on air (Credit: ITV)

Matt said: “I knew you’d love that. I know how much you guys love tequila!”

Phil said: “The great thing about us is we can make it disappear.

“Any guest who arrives magicking tequila can come back.”